What is your Spam and Blacklisting Policy?

Everybody hates spam.
Everybody hates the people that sent spam.
Everybody hates the hosts that let spammers send spam.

^ We’re not going to be that host.

Sometimes legitimate customers get hacked, and their accounts are abused. But spam blacklists don’t care if the spam source was an innocent victim or a malicious evildoer. So, unfortunately, customers are 100% responsible for spam sent through their sites and servers. 

When a complaint is received, and evidence is submitted, EuroVPS staff has the ability to determine the origin. And honestly, many times the difference between opt-in and blasted junk is pretty obvious, even to a non-technical user. 

  • So if you did it on purpose, we’ll know.  
  • If you were an innocent victim whose site/server was hacked, we’ll know.

Hacking victims are still responsible for their sites and servers. As a managed hosting customer, we can assist you in securing your server. And if time permits, we can also offer best-effort advice on securing your sites – even though websites are your responsibility, not ours. To be blunt, update your site/server, and pay attention! You cannot leave websites/servers unattended on auto-pilot! Repeat offenders may be subject to termination.

If you're a professional spammer – turn around now, and go away. We are not a spam-friendly hosting provider. Contrary to what you may have read, the Netherlands is not an “off-shore” location where anything goes.


We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account engaged in spam activities. This includes VPS or dedicated customers who operate open SMTP relays; those are forbidden on our network.

Spamming violations that result in a blacklisting of an IP address may be assessed a minimum €75 cleanup fee. This is in the ToS, and you agreed to it when you signed up.

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