Completely eliminate hosting problems
with Europe's leader in Managed VPS Hosting

If you're not an expert system administrator, a real-deal managed VPS hosting provider can instantly make life easier for you.


No more waking up in the middle of the night due to downtime


No more frantic Googling to debug server problems


No more stressing about security, performance, and disaster recovery issues

We're here to give you all the support, guidance and advice you need.

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Websites large and small entrust their data with EuroVPS.
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Managed VPS Hosting

  • Fault-tolerant cloud architecture
  • Complete control with root access
  • Free cPanel and Plesk
  • High performance SSD storage
starting from €49/mo
New Enterprise

Bare Metal Cloud

  • Single tenant virtual servers
  • Cloud failover
  • Zero downtime scaling
  • Private networking
starting from €97/mo
New Bare Metal

Dedicated Servers

  • Built to your specifications
  • Exclusively HP hardware
  • Free hardware RAID
  • High performance SSD storage
starting from €199/mo

Managed Hosting, Engineered to Perform.

Enterprise class hosting is our passion. Our services are among the fastest in Europe, built on a completely redundant architecture allowing you to achieve exceptional uptime.

Enhanced OpenStack

Hitachi Ultrastar SSD Storage

Consumer SSD drives are great for laptops, but not for VPS hosting. This is why we choose Hitachi Ultrastar SSD disks which can write 8TB per day nonstop, for 5 years. That’s 15 Petabytes of data! Compare that to the small 100TB lifespan of a consumer SSD that many of our cheaper competitors like to use.

Automatic Failover

Dual fabric fibre channel

There's nothing faster than the speed of light, which is why we only use 16Gbps Fibre Channel based storage SAN's. All of our SAN's are built with dual redundant controllers and can provide uninterrupted I/O even during the ‘instant’ a controller fails.

Need for speed

Best practice networking

Eliminate "packet loss" and "network jitter" from your list of hosting problems with one of the best networks in the industry. Our network is built matching Cisco’s 2016 “Best Practices for High Availability Campus” guidelines, with separated core, distribution, and access layers.

Completely Managed

Enterprise Grade Servers

We use 100% premium HP certified servers and addon hardware which performance, scalability, and the latest in enterprise technology. These servers are factory tested under stringent conditions to ensure they're running at maximum efficiency.

Multiple Templates

Realtime Replication

We are one of the few VPS providers in Europe to offer complete block storage redundancy. If a primary storage system failure, the data stores will immediately “Failover” to the standby SAN without dropping links or timing out.

Secured by Default

Secure and GDPR Compliant

The GDPR compliance deadline of May 25th is rapidly approaching, are you ready? To avoid penalties choose VPS hosting that is GDPR friendly. We handle personal data in accordance with GDPR and have already fulfilled all criteria for GDPR compliance.

Did you know we were the first Managed VPS provider in Europe?

We opened our doors for business back in 2004. Back then we were the only fully managed VPS provider in Europe. It didn't take long for us though to build a strong reputation as a quality, non-nonsense hosting provider who values quality over quantity.

Why Amsterdam's the best hosting location in Europe.

Fully managed, at no extra cost!

Personalised Onboarding

Personalised onboarding

  • One-to-one onboarding session
  • Pre-migration performance and security audit
  • Human powered migration managed completely by our team
  • Your websites and server metrics are added to our monitoring system
  • Disaster recovery plan based on your RPO and RTO objectives
Website Performance Services

Website performance services

  • Best-practice server configurations that are tailored to your website
  • Around-the-clock access to engineers for "slow website" debugging
  • Support for all webservers, databases, and caching tools
Security Services

Security services

  • All accounts begin with a comprehensive initial server hardening
  • Find vulnerabilities before hackers with free quarterly security audits
  • Got hacked? We'll help recover and re-secure your data at no cost!
Ongoing Support for Day-to-Day Server Management

Ongoing support for day-to-day server management

  • Email troubleshooting
  • Support for Wordpress and Plesk
  • Installation of a CMS (i.e. WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • Adhoc Linux and Windows system administration issues

Not all managed VPS hosting providers are the same

Learn more about choosing a managed hosting provider

Ultimately, it’s up to you to find a provider who fits your budget and business requirements. But we thought we'd help you out by creating a 5-part blog series on exactly what to look for (and what to watch out for).

Check out our 5-part blog series on managed hosting.