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Built on Best Practices for Performance, Reliability, and Security

We’ve been doing professional web hosting for over 11 years. We serve thousands of clients, most small, many mid size, and some large. The experience accumulated from 11 years of premium, high level projects results in invaluable experience that helps us provide a high quality product for all our clients.

Dedicated Servers
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129 /mo

Bare-Metal Performance Dedicated Blade Servers

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Reseller Hosting
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14 /mo

Middle ground between Shared and VPS Hosting

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Shared Hosting
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5 /mo

Perfect for beginners looking for reliable web hosting

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Europe's Leading Managed VPS Provider

Providing our customers with top-range Enterprise Managed Hosting solutions since 2004

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With over 11 years experience, we have the expertise needed to ensure that your data is safe.

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From our fast SSD drives, to our low latency network, you'll never be slow here. That's our promise.

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Get the reliability you crave with our fully fault-tolerant architecture. Everything here is fully redundant.

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Our hosting produts are fully managed. Enjoy easy access to our friendly, and competent engineers.

Fully Owned Infrastructure

We own our own equipment, servers, storage systems, network, and hardware. We can guarantee our services without relying on any 3rd-Party Resellers or Providers.

At EuroVPS, you can be rest assured that your website is hosted on by far the most superior servers in the market, and your data is travelling over the most redundant and secure paths available in Europe. Everything we build is simply no expense spared, we were never just profit driven.

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Fully Managed VMware based VPS Hosting, available only at EuroVPS

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