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  • Jessica Volbrecht
  • Anne Scott
  • Branko Matic
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  • Patric Salo
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“When you need to reach your readers, there is no compromise with downtime.”

Miltos Efentakis Project Director at 24media Read story

"We saved 50% on our hosting, and support is reachable within minutes at no extra cost."

Sven Noben Founder at SignfuseRead story

"I love the real time replies and that you just “fix things” without too much back and forth."

Simon Kelly Founder at Digitalhappy Read story

"Our downtime was a lot worse before we moved to you guys..."

Anastasios Vasileiadis Founder at igostartupRead story

"My main page load time dropped from 6 seconds to 1.5"

Patric Salo Freelance photographer Read story
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"Every managed host must keep in mind that their customers are not hosting gurus – if they were, they wouldn't need managed hosting"

Miodrag Ilic Founder at Recepti & Kuvar Read story
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"Growing a multi-disciplined digital agency without managed hosting doesn't make financial sense to us. Our time is valuable."

Liam Webster Managing Director at Identify Read story

"I'm an English teacher, not a server engineer. What matters most is that the human element is there."

Jessica Volbrecht Founder at Skypenglish4uRead story

"We just open a ticket and you guys respond very quickly and provide us with everything we need."

Saulo Marchi Co-Founder at Read story

"Good support from humans who care is very hard to find. We found it."

Gavin and Christina Co-Founders at The GroundworkRead story

"Compared to FatCow, with EuroVPS I don't spend time contacting support since I don't need to."

Michael Bely Founder at Read story

“Even though it wasn't their problem, they actually took the time to help. I liked that.”

Anne Scott Founder at GGI Read story

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