Managed Private Cloud

Custom built infrastructure to power your Virtual Battalion.

Fully production-ready virtual private clouds starting from €499/mo per month

How to tell if our private cloud is right for you:


Your hosting expenses are quickly escalating out of control

Do you have dedicated servers or cloud servers spread all over the place? A private cloud can be cost effective when hosting expenses spiral. Consolidate your infrastructure under a single pane of glass.


Your team is large, and infrastructure security is critical

You might have a distributed team that needs access to infrastructure. Making security, very important. All customers get an onboarding session with our security team to discuss options.


You are considering building your own private cloud

Lets face it. It's risky building a private cloud with limited system administration skills. It's multi-faceted and takes years of experience to get to the point where you can build one, and any mistakes can cause downtime or worse, data-loss.


You have demanding RPO and RTO objectives

Depending on your business model, it might be worth investing more in your hosting to prevent expensive failures down the road. If you can't afford even an hour of downtime per month, investing in a private cloud capable of surviving simultaneous hardware failures might make sense.

Features and Benefits

Enhanced OpenStack

Private means private

Want complete privacy? Our advanced packages offer the option of a private 42U rack and dedicated core uplink with 2 x 32A non-blocking power feeds which are fed from different power sources and share no common core or distribution infrastructure.

Automatic Failover

Dual fabric fibre channel

Get a dual Fibre Channel fabric environment for your private cloud's storage network. In this design, a total of 4 Fibre Channel switches are in place, 2 x Directors, and 2 x Edge switches, providing a truly 100% redundant 2N storage network solution.

Need for speed

Best practice networking

Multiple physical “air gapped” networks will be utilized, and the complete solution will be built matching Cisco’s 2016 “Best Practices for High Availability Campus” guidelines, with separated core, distribution, and access layers.

Completely Managed

Nagios log management

Aggregate all logs from all servers in real-time. This results in a signicantly quicker recovery time in the event that “something” goes wrong, as the developer on duty doesn’t have to manually search through piles of logs across dozens of servers to find exactly what’s wrong.

Multiple Templates

Realtime Replication

Block storage is replicated in real-time to a standby storage array. So in the event of some cataclysmic failure, we have an “in-place” working set of data which will automatically be presented to hypervisors and other dependents instantaneously without interruption of service

Secured by Default

Security & Compliance

An encrypted IPsec AES-256 VPN will be setup between your private cloud and your offices. This is how developers working on-site have uninterrupted access to systems. When these developers go off-site, they are required to use L2TP dial in VPN in order to access systems and services.

Private cloud onboarding process

Your private cloud will be custom fit to match your exact usage requirements.

Requirements gathering

We’ll discuss your business goals, performance needs, virtualization options, scaling concerns, and security requirements.

Solution design

The data we got in discovery phase is then used to architect a tailor fit blue print for your own private cloud.

Configure environment

After sign off, we’ll get busy building your private cloud infrastructure to your specifications.

Deploy your code

Then comes the moment that you’ve been waiting for. The launch and migration onto your private cloud.

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