We solve hosting problems for ecommerce.

Customers choose us because they get the peace of mind that their e-commerce website is protected from evil things like hardware failure, cyber threats, and performance bottlenecks.

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How to tell if managed hosting is right for your ecommerce company:


You feel like your slow website is negatively affecting your conversion rate

Slow websites piss people off. Studies have shown that a one second delay in load time can shave 7% off your conversion rate. A qualified managed hosting provider can help you to speed up your ecommerce website.

You're completely freaked out by the thought that your server isn't 100% secured

Security breaches can cost you a lot of money and damage your brand's hard-earned reputation. That's why managed security services are such a critical investment for your ecommerce business.

You've had to publically apologise to your users for downtime on social media

Ever had to announce unexpected server problems to your customers using social media? This is pretty embarrassing and hurts your reputation. Choosing a premium hosting option is a sure way to reduce the risks of downtime.

You know you should focus more time on growth marketing and less time on IT

Are you tired of wasting your time dealing with server issues? Would you get more value from investing that same time working on growth marketing tactics and iterating your strategy? The answer, of course, is yes. But you knew that already, which is why you're on this page.

Customer stories from ecommerce websites like yours!

ClubPay’s primary line of business is providing e-commerce services to amateur sports clubs in the UK. We use a CS-Cart-based platform, with additional customisation, to capture membership data and payments for our customers. We need a stable, reliable, 24x7x365 platform that is extensible according to the needs of our customer base – EuroVPS give us this at a fair price.

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