Fully Managed E-Commerce Hosting

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    Is managed ecommerce hosting for you?

    You feel like your slow website is negatively affecting your conversion rate

    Slow websites piss people off. Studies have shown that a one second delay in load time can shave 7% off your conversion rate.

    You get nervous at the thought that your server might not be 100% secured

    Security breaches can cost you a lot of money and damage your brand's hard-earned reputation.

    You've had to apologise to your users for downtime on social media

    There is nothing worse than having to announce hosting problems to your customers using social media. This is pretty embarrassing and can hurt your reputation.

    You know you should focus more time on growth and less time on IT

    You're probably tired of wasting your time dealing with server issues and would get more value from investing that same time working on growing your business.

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    The project we are undertaking is very large and visible and time consuming so knowing that IT related issues are under control frees me and my team up to focus…

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      If a host doesn’t have managed servers – personally I don’t even consider their services. I have too many obligations as a business owner to have to worry about…

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