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With demanding clients and tight schedules keeping you fully occupied, opting for a managed hosting service can give you a little breathing space.

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How to tell if managed hosting is right for your digital agency:


You want to focus on developing websites for clients, not managing servers

With a trusted partner handling the servers, you can focus your efforts on the work that generates revenue. It makes sense to outsource infrastructure and maintenance to your hosting partner so you can focus on the creative requirements of your clients.

Your developers are spending too much time on system administration tasks

You hire developers so that they can develop. Time spent messing around with server admin is a time that they could be spending making money. It’s not uncommon for even the most seasoned developers to feel out of their depth when doubling up as a system administrator.

Your agency has grown to the point where downtime is unacceptable

Even small amounts of downtime can be detrimental to both your agency and your clients. Managed hosting can help you to avoid that by strengthening your infrastructure and monitoring your server on your behalf.

You have demanding clients and tight schedules keeping you fully occupied

As a digital agency, you're used to dealing with last minute requests, changes and updates from your clients. Managed hosting offers a helping hand, allowing you to scale your agency faster and more gracefully.

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