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The best managed hosting providers are the ones that you never need to think about because they just do their job

Yes, we're not the cheapest, but then again, our clients aren't either. Their time's valuable, and we're the provider they turn to to help them save it. Want an easier way to deal with your hosting? Let us help you, too.

Personalised onboarding

One-to-one onboarding session

Book a session to talk to one of our customer success agents. Tell us what your requirements are and teach us about your project. We’ll use this information to create a personalised hosting solution that's ideal for your needs.

Pre-migration performance and security audit

AAll new customers receive a pre-migration security screening from day one where we scan your server to make sure it's not infected with malware and/or hacks. We’ll also benchmark your website’s performance at your old host so we can show you the performance gains after migration.

Human powered migration managed completely by our team

Emails, files, websites and databases - we’ll bring it all as-is. We manage the migration fully in-house with personal care so you won’t have to lift a finger. All migrations go through a validation process, leaving no chance for an error.

Your key websites and server metrics are added into our monitoring system

If you already monitor your own website, that's great, but having an entire team to help ensure you don't miss an alarm is a lifesaver for many busy online businesses. When an "HTTP down" sensor triggers an alarm, we'll look into it immediately.

A disaster recovery plan is custom made based on your RPO and RTO objectives

Every online business needs a documented disaster recovery plan. Creating it begins by defining your recovery point and recovery time objectives. Our account managers will guide you through this discovery process and deliver a custom disaster recovery plan.

Website performance services

Best-practice server configurations tailored to your website

We analyse your website and build a custom webstack configuration based on your specific traffic patterns. Whether it’s a standard LAMP Stack or a custom NGiNX webserver with Varnish, we make sure that the prescription matches the diagnosis.

Around-the-clock access to engineers for "slow website" debugging

All our customers get 24x7x365 access to engineers trained in “slow website” debugging. If your website isn't fast, we want to know about it. Just file a support ticket or contact us on live chat.

Support for a variety of different webservers, databases, and caching tools

Unlike many of our competitors who only offer support for LAMP Stacks (e.g. Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP), we offer full-suite performance optimisation for a wide variety of webstack components. From Apache to NGiNX and from MySQL to Microsoft MSSQL, we can help.

Giuseppe Barbiero Founder ModaCalcio.it
"My average page load used to be 12 seconds before migrating to EuroVPS. Now it has dropped to 2 seconds without cache. EuroVPS assisted me with everything. From migrating to my new VPS, to optimizing it for high performance."

Security services

All accounts begin with a comprehensive initial server hardening

Once you've migrated, we secure your Linux or Windows server with a comprehensive server hardening service included at no extra cost.

We'll find security holes before hackers thanks to free quarterly security auditing

At this exact moment in time, there are thousands of hackers actively trying to break into random systems. Quarterly security audits will proactively uncover security vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before hackers do.

And if you ever get hacked, we'll help recover and re-secure your data at no cost

If the worst happens, we'll be there for you. If your site is defaced, erased, used for spam or otherwise infected by malware, we'll help you to recover and re-secure your data.

Ongoing support for day-to-day server management

Get extensive coverage for any day-to-day issues than arise with your hosting

  • Daemon/service troubleshooting
  • Plesk plugin installations
  • CMS Installation (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • PHP module installation
  • Email troubleshooting
  • Control panel plugin support
  • Cronjob support
  • OS/server reinstalls
  • SpamAssassin support
  • FTP and SFTP support
  • Custom software installation
  • CloudLinux installations
  • Adding domains
  • Control panel installation and setup
  • LiteSpeed installations
  • cPanel and Plesk support
  • Installation of security patches and updates
  • SSL certificate installations
  • cPanel plugin installations
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • Native NGiNX webserver support

Find out what kind of managed hosting is right for you:

Managed hosting services are a proven solution not just for small businesses but also for freelance developers, ecommerce stores and digital agencies.

New For general purpose use

Managed VPS

  • Fault-tolerant cloud architecture
  • Complete control with root access
  • High performance SSD storage
  • Fully managed support
starting from €50/mo
Full isolation

Dedicated Servers

  • Built to your specifications
  • Exclusively HP hardware
  • Hardware RAID
  • 500GB Free Backup Space
starting from €175/mo
For large deployments

Private Cloud Hosting

  • 100% isolated network
  • Ability to bring your own IP range
  • Dedicated account team
starting from €499/mo