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The Full Power of Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Starting from €125/mo
*Completely Customizable HP Proliant Servers.

Fully Managed Servers for Demanding Applications

A EuroVPS server is more than just a piece of reliable hardware; it’s a complete service with state-of-the-art infrastructure, technical engineers and experienced account managers at your disposal working for you, delivering total peace of mind. All dedicated servers are in Europe's preferred location, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

enterprise server

Enterprise Grade

EuroVPS only provides HP Proliant Dedicated servers, configured with redundant storage as standard
managed server

Fully Managed

Having a fully managed server means dealing with performance, security, server troubleshooting is much easier.
scalable server

100% Scalable

We give our customers the freedom to completely customise their servers' configuration as per their requirements.
  • Exclusively HP Proliant Servers
  • Backups included at no extra cost
  • Standard Hardware RAID Controller
  • High-End Enterprise Storage
  • Servers in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Fully Managed comes standard

Available Bare Metal Servers

hp proliant bl460c g7
  • RAM Up to 192GB DDR3 RAM
  • CPU Up to Dual Intel X5600 CPUs
  • Storage SAS or SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth Up to 10Gbps @ 95 Percentile
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Starting configuration
*€125 total payable now
Single Intel L5630
8GB DDR3 Memory
2 x 146GB Hitachi SAS
10TB Bandwidth
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hp proliant bl460c g8
  • RAM Up to 384GB DDR3 RAM
  • CPU Up to Dual Intel E5-2600v2 CPUs
  • Storage SAS or SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth Up to 10Gbps @ 95 Percentile
See QuickSpecs Data Sheet
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Starting configuration
*€250 total payable now
Single Intel E5-2620
16GB DDR3 Memory
2 x 300GB Hitachi SAS
10TB Bandwidth
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hp proliant bl460c gen9
  • RAM Up to 512GB DDR4 Memory
  • CPU Up to Dual Intel E5-2600v3 CPUs
  • Storage SAS or SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth Up to 10Gbps @ 95 Percentile
See QuickSpecs Data Sheet
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Starting configuration
*€500 total payable now
Single Intel E5-2630v3
32GB DDR4 Memory
2 x 300GB Hitachi SAS
10TB Bandwidth
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What you get

Dedicated Server Features

Sometimes you just want your own dedicated space.

Top-shelf HP Proliant Servers

Failures affecting common parts, including Power Supplies, RAM, and Hard Disks, will not stop an HP Proliant. Most parts can be hot-swapped. Get nonstop availability and fault tolerance with HP Proliant Servers.

Reliable Enterprise Storage

We don't just choose hard disks by chance, or by price. If it's SAS storage, we use only Hitachi Ultrastar, period. If it's SSD, we deliver dedicated servers properly, with Datacenter grade Intel and Sandisk SSD's.

Intel Xeon Processors

All dedicated servers can take up to dual Intel Xeon processors, providing you with the most reliable and high-performance computing platform, with huge L2/L3 caches, VT-d, and many more advanced features.

HP insights hardware monitoring

At time of delivery, your server is configured with HP Insight Agents as well as SNMP traps sent from the Integrated Lights Out, towards our HP SIM servers which monitor your server, 24/7/365.

Hardware RAID Controller Standard

Servers are delivered with HP SmartArray RAID controllers, one of the most reliable RAID controllers available on the market today. We do not provide cheap "integrated" Software RAID.

Isolated Network Zone

Our Dedicated server network is isolated and completely separated from our other product lines, and therefore allows us to fine tune individual customers' network segments per their requests.

Cisco IDS & Anomaly Detection

Each dedicated customer VLAN is monitored 24/7 by various Cisco tools and monitoring devices, to protect against network floods, anomalies due to hack/flood attempts, as well as brute force attacks.

Replace faulty hardware in under 60 minutes

In the event of any failure, whether disk, RAM, or controller cache, our 24/7 staffed NOC engineer team will be onsite in under 60 minutes to replace the faulty hardware component.

Reliable Backups

All servers come with backups capabilities included standard. Dedicated servers come with a free NFS mount which can be used for critical backups, and can be easily expanded to up to 24TB.

Fibre Channel Capabilities

Have large storage requirements? You'll have the option to add a Fibre Channel HBA to your blade server connecting it directly to either shared SAN storage, or your own Dedicated SAN.

Memory Mirroring

Memory Mirroring means that your system can withstand a complete memory module failure without even a blip or incident. Contact our sales department for pricing information.

Need more than a single server? Check out our multi-server managed clusters

Maximum Security and Reliability

Guaranteed by our choices in state of the art hardware and secure datacenter locations

European Datacenter Secure European Datacenter

Your dedicated server is colocated in one of the most secure, reliable, and technologically advanced data centers in Amsterdam. EvoSwitch.

40Gbps Cisco Network Redundant 40Gbps Cisco Network

All servers are connected via four redundant 10GE uplinks for a maximum throughput of 40Gbps. Large traffic spikes are welcomed!

No PC Components No PC Server Components Allowed!

A PC in a rack is not a real server. All servers, hard disks, memory, and processors are 100% enterprise-grade for maximum reliability.

All dedicated servers are colocated exclusively in Amsterdam - the best hosting location in Europe

Servers Delivered Fully Managed by Default

Which means no more of the usual headaches that comes with managing your own server.

managed migration onboarding icon

It all begins with a free migration

You probably have a lot of stuff at that old host, and need to move it. No problem! Files, databases, email -- we'll grab all of it. Our engineers will handle your assets with care, and have more than 10 years experience doing so. We'll:

  • Be sure you fully understand how migrations work
  • Transfer data to your new server
  • Verify data integrity
  • Search for any server conflicts (example: PHP versioning)
  • Assist with any post-migration bugs that are found
dedicated server management icon

Ongoing Server Management Support

Whether you're a newbie who needs help with everything, or a veteran admin who just wants extra help, our 24/7/365 management team is here to support you.

  • Caching setup, best practice consulting
  • Database optimization (MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL)
  • Webserver support (Apache, nginx, LiteSpeed, IIS)
  • PHP optimization, module support
  • Advanced Security Hardening
  • Panel support (cPanel, Plesk, ISPConfig)
proactive monitoring hosting service illustration

Never be caught off guard again with proactive monitoring

Our proactive monitoring will warn you when it's time upgrade to a more powerful plan, as your successful website or project needs more powerful to continue growing and succeeding"

  • Continuous server metric and application monitoring
  • Proactive Intervention and Notifications
  • Globally Distributed Polling Stations
  • Using Enterprise Grade Paessler PRTG Monitoring Software

Our engineers are constantly there for you at any time

Server Migration

“Please help me migrate to my new dedicated server. Here are my login's to my old server.”


We have completed your migration to your new dedicated server. Here are your logins...

Alan N
EuroVPS Technical Support Engineer
Performance Troubleshooting

Can you please install this list of PHP Modules for me? These are dependencies for an app I will customise for a client.

Security Hardening

Hello, please help me debug my slow page loading time on my website. I feel like there’s something wrong on the server but I’m not sure where it is.

Application Support

I’m on the road and my client is asking for us to setup a dev-wordpress site for him. Can you please install a new WordPress website for me and make sure that the proper Caching Plugins are installed and optimised for maximum performance and paste the wp-admin logins with logins in the ticket?

*What’s not covered? We do not offer coding support with our support plans.
EuroVPS cannot be held responsible for errors in your own code.
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People like you already enjoy their managed hosting

From the smallest to the largest, our customers are overwhelmingly happy with their service.

As a big rock band from south-east Europe with 400k fan base on Facebook and over 40 years of existence our production standards are really high so as our online communication standards. Which is why we chose EuroVPS.
parni valjak

Ivan Kozlik

Webmaster of
I can honestly say that I have never experienced a similar service like the one I get from EuroVPS, nor outside the virtual life - hands down. Usually you get good service most places. However it is rare that the service blows the barometer.
Jessica Volbrecht Founder
As I've always preferred a "Do It Yourself" methodology, I've never had a need for managed support. At the same time, having that extra lifeline in case a problem overtly technical arises is always appreciated.
roger shaw
Roger ShawFounder
We love our customers, and they love us back. Read more customer stories.

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