Get a fully managed dedicated server in the heart of Europe

Get a superior level of hardware, support, and network connectivity than is offered at other self-managed European dedicated server providers.

  • Premium support included
  • Automatic daily backups
  • HP Enterprise servers
  • 1-hour hardware replacement SLA
  • Reliable enterprise storage
  • 100% customizable servers


  • 16GB RAM
  • Intel E5-2660 v2
  • 10 Cores at 2.2GHz (20 logical)
  • 2 x 200GB SSD
  • Hardware RAID-1
  • 10TB Bandwidth

Starting from €149/mo

Customise server


  • 32GB RAM
  • Intel E5-2630L v3
  • 8 Cores at 1.8GHz (16 logical)
  • 2 x 200GB SSD
  • Hardware RAID-1
  • 10TB Bandwidth

Starting from €249/mo

Customise server


  • 32GB RAM
  • Intel E5-2630L v3
  • 8 Cores at 1.8GHz (16 logical)
  • 8 x 900GB SAS
  • Hardware RAID-5 or 10
  • 10TB Bandwidth

Starting from €349/mo

Customise server
  • Completely managed by default
  • Hardware RAID comes standard
  • Daily backups come standard
  • Exclusively datacenter-class storage
  • Exclusively HP enterprise servers
  • Fibre channel SAN mounts available
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Questions & Answers
We use 100% premium HP certified servers and addon hardware. These servers are factory tested under stringent conditions to ensure they're running at maximum efficiency.

How our managed servers stand apart

All servers are legit. No desktops PCs allowed here.

We've standardized on HP blade servers, the leading blade servers chosen by Fortune 100‘s worldwide. These servers combine performance, scalability, and the latest in enterprise technology.

Reduce page load times with the latest Intel Xeon processors

All managed dedicated servers can take up to dual Intel Xeon E5 processors with huge L2/L3 caches. Intel Xeon processors provide lightning-fast processing for compute-intensive workloads.

Get datacentre-grade SSD at no extra cost for maximum performance.

We respect your data, which is why we don't just choose hard disks by chance, or by price. If it's SAS storage, we use only Hitachi Ultrastar, if it's SSD, we deliver servers properly, with Datacenter grade Intel and Sandisk SSD's.

We'll replace faulty hardware in under 60 minutes for you

In the event of any failure, whether disk, RAM, or controller cache, our 24/7 staffed NOC engineer team will be onsite in under 60 minutes to replace the faulty hardware component.

Stop hard drive failures from resulting in data loss with free RAID

Disks fail often, and without hardware RAID you have a much higher risk of losing data. While other providers charge extra for it, we bundle in hardware RAID at no extra cost. All servers are delivered with HP SmartArray RAID controllers.

Your network is completely isolated from our other product lines

You'll have your own private VLAN on an isolated network zone. This allows our network engineers to fine tune your network per your requests.

Prevent security breaches with Cisco IDS & Anomaly Detection

Your VLAN is monitored 24/7 by various Cisco tools and monitoring devices, to protect against network floods, anomalies due to hack/flood attempts, as well as brute force attacks.

All managed servers come with backups capabilities included standard

Dedicated servers come with a free NFS mount which can be used for critical backups, and can be easily expanded to up to 24TB.

Consultative support that doesn't treat you like a nameless customer

We're obsessed with optimizing the customer experience. Technical support won't only just solve your problems, but also will give friendly guidance on best practices so you can learn!

Free hardware monitoring that gives pre-failure alerts via SNMP traps

We install HP Insight on your server which monitors all hardware components and gives pre-failure alerts via SNMP traps. If a component is about to fail, we'll take proactive action before you see 404 errors on your browser.

Pay for exactly what you need with 100% customisable servers

Completely customise your dedicated server's configuration to suit your specific requirements. A customer success agent will contact you to make sure that you're purchasing the right specifications for your use case. Why pay for resources you don't need?

Europe's Best Fully Managed Servers

Support's what matters most to us

Give yourself the freedom to keep the focus on your core business while our team focuses on keeping your VPS fast, secured, and online 24/7.

"When you need to reach your readers, there is no compromise with downtime."

Miltos Efentakis Project Direct at 24media
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Customise your dedicated server

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