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HPHP Bl460c G8
hp proliant bl460c g7

The HP Proliant BL460c G8 is well suited for all mid-level operations, including environments with local storage or SAN Storage. This server model supports up to 12 core Intel Xeon E5 v2 processors and up to 768GB DDR3 RAM.

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Processor Cores Clock Speed Passmark RAM Storage Bandwidth Price Checkout
Intel™ E5-2620 v2 6 2.1GHz 8,688 16GB 2 x 200GB SSD 10TB 143€/mo Order
Intel™ E5-2620 v2 6 2.1GHz 8,688 32GB 2 x 400GB SSD 10TB 167€/mo Order
Intel™ E5-2660 v2 10 2.2GHz 13,235 32GB 2 x 400GB SSD 10TB 257€/mo Order
Intel™ E5-2660 v2 10 2.2GHz 13,235 64GB 2 x 800GB SSD 10TB 347€/mo Order
Intel™ E5-2680 v2 10 2.8GHz 15,887 128GB 2 x 800GB SSD 10TB 597€/mo Order
HPHP Bl460c Gen9
hp proliant bl460c g7

The HP Proliant BL460c Gen9 is a ultra high performance server built for the most demanding operations. With capacity for up to 2 x Intel Xeon E5 v4 processors with 18 cores each, this is a serious work horse.

See QuickSpecs Data Sheet
Processor Cores Clock Speed Passmark RAM Storage Bandwidth Price Checkout
Intel™ E5-2630 v3 6 2.6GHz 10,383 16GB 2 x 200GB SSD 10TB 279€/mo Order
Intel™ E5-2630 v3 6 2.6GHz 10,383 32GB 2 x 400GB SSD 10TB 329€/mo Order
Intel™ E5-2650 v3 10 2.3GHz 14,852 64GB 2 x 400GB SSD 10TB 479€/mo Order
Intel™ E5-2650 v3 10 2.3GHz 14,852 128GB 2 x 800GB SSD 10TB 774€/mo Order
Intel™ E5-2680 v4 14 2.4GHz 19,886 128GB 2 x 800GB SSD 10TB 979€/mo Order
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No desktops PCs allowed here.

We've standardized on HP blade servers, the leading blade servers chosen by Fortune 100‘s worldwide.

Top-shelf HP Blade Servers

Failures affecting common parts including power supplies, RAM, and hard disks, will not stop an HP Blade Server. Get nonstop availability and fault tolerance and prevent business impacting downtime.

Reliable Enterprise Storage

We respect your data, which is why we don't just choose hard disks by chance, or by price. If it's SAS storage, we use only Hitachi Ultrastar, if it's SSD, we deliver servers properly, with Datacenter grade Intel and Sandisk SSD's.

Fast Intel Xeon Processors

Reduce page load times and guarantee optimial performance with Intel Xeon processors. All managed dedicated servers can take up to dual Intel Xeon E5 processors with huge L2/L3 caches.

HP insights hardware monitoring

We install HP Insight on your server which monitors all hardware components and gives pre-failure alerts via SNMP traps. If a component is about to fail, we'll take proactive action before you see 404 errors on your browser.

Hardware RAID Controller Standard

Disks fail often, and without hardware RAID you have a much higher risk of losing data. While other providers charge extra for it, we bundle in hardware RAID at no extra cost. All servers are delivered with HP SmartArray RAID controllers.

Isolated Network Zone

Your Dedicated server VLAN network is isolated and completely separated from our other product lines. This allows our network engineers to fine tune your network per your requests.

Cisco IDS & Anomaly Detection

Your VLAN is monitored 24/7 by various Cisco tools and monitoring devices, to protect against network floods, anomalies due to hack/flood attempts, as well as brute force attacks.

Replace faulty hardware in under 60 minutes

In the event of any failure, whether disk, RAM, or controller cache, our 24/7 staffed NOC engineer team will be onsite in under 60 minutes to replace the faulty hardware component.

Reliable Backups

All managed servers come with backups capabilities included standard. Dedicated servers come with a free NFS mount which can be used for critical backups, and can be easily expanded to up to 24TB.

Fibre Channel

Have large storage requirements? You'll have the option to add a Fibre Channel HBA to your dedicated server connecting it directly to either shared SAN storage, or your own Dedicated SAN.

Need something bigger? Check out our multi-server managed clusters.

Frequently asked questions

What server brand do you use?

We use 100% premium HP certified servers and addon hardware. These servers are factory tested under stringent conditions to ensure they're running at maximum efficiency.

Do servers have redundant power supplies?

BladeServers have tremendous amount of resilience against power supply failures. The c7000 blade enclosure which comes with 10 x power supply units (PSU). Redundancy is increased further by cross cabling the Bladecenter into two discreet power feeds during installation so even if one entire feed goes down, the blade enclosure still runs.

Why invest in enterprise-grade servers?

True enterpise-grade hosting is not cheap in the short-term, but it is in the long-term. Hardware inevitably (future hardware failure) always costs more in the long run, and that's what happens with cheap servers and desktops.

What would happen if hardware failed?

All hardware is quality-assured before an order is completed. If your hardware fails at any time during the life of your server, EuroVPS will replace the faulty hardware free of charge within a maximum of one hours.

Do I have to be technically advanced?

No. This is the biggest benefit of EuroVPS. We handle the technical aspects of running your server. That frees up your time, allowing you to focus on your business (like your website code and content).

Do you own your own hardware?

In this industry, it’s very important to own your equipment. Otherwise you are at the mercy of 3rd party resellers or providers.

Problems of not owning your hardware

  • No spare parts
  • No custom solutions
  • No on-site support staff
  • No control over your architecture
  • No control over quality of hardware

We own our hardware, and are quite open about (and proud of!) that fact.

Do you support virtualization?

If you want your server delivered with virtualisation installed, we offer a range of virtualisation software options including VMware, Xen Project and Microsoft Hyper-V.

What's the level of datacenter redundancy?

We use the EvoSwitch datacentre in Amsterdam which has redundant power supplies and network connections. This N+1 network and power redundancy has helped EvoSwitch to stay online when many other datacenters had downtime due to power outages.

How can I contact support?

Primary method of contacting support is our helpdesk ticketing system but you can escalate issues via Live Chat.

People like you already enjoy their managed hosting

From the smallest to the largest, our customers are overwhelmingly happy with their service.

As a big rock band from south-east Europe with 400k fan base on Facebook and over 40 years of existence our production standards are really high so as our online communication standards. Which is why we chose EuroVPS.
parni valjak

Ivan Kozlik

Webmaster of
I can honestly say that I have never experienced a similar service like the one I get from EuroVPS, nor outside the virtual life - hands down. Usually you get good service most places. However it is rare that the service blows the barometer.
Jessica Volbrecht Founder
As I've always preferred a "Do It Yourself" methodology, I've never had a need for managed support. At the same time, having that extra lifeline in case a problem overtly technical arises is always appreciated.
roger shaw
Roger ShawFounder
We love our customers, and they love us back. Read more customer stories.

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