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    You worry about server issues way too often while your real expertise is something else.

    Is there always “something” wrong with your hosting? Do you feel like your time is being repeatedly drained away from revenue producing jobs to manage server issues?

    You have considered hiring a freelancer to help you with server stuff.

    Even if you hire another freelancer to manage your server, you'll still be the one responsible if something goes wrong. Your clients will email you and not the freelancer.

    You search Google for Linux tutorials for help with basic system administration tasks.

    Working on servers while learning system administration is dangerous. Make a single mistake and you can accidentally erase your server or leave your website open to vulerabilities.

    You feel like system administration is taking over your life and soul.

    Do you have no desire to learn every detail about bash scripts, webservers, email servers, cron jobs and database optimisation? For many freelancers, especially the artistic types (designers, writers, marketers, etc.), it’s a nightmare.

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