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We often find that startups know exactly why they should switch to managed hosting. It gives them more time to focus on growth, and generally makes life a hell of a lot easier. But bootstrapped startups struggle to come up with the extra cash to pay the higher price for managed hosting... That's why we made this startup incubator program

    Who's eligible?

  • Not currently a EuroVPS customer
  • Disruptive, must have an "X" factor
  • Less than two years old & bootstrapped
  • Startup must be based in Europe or have a large user base in Europe
Why Managed?Learn more...

Managed hosting helps startups save time,
and we all know that time equals money...

Being efficient means investing resources where they’re needed
and where they’re most likely to lead to an ROI. Managing your own servers,
and dealing with your own hosting issues – is unlikely to be the best use of time.

But there are common misconceptions:

  • Managed hosting is for newbies
  • Managed hosting is for small developers or digital agencies
  • Managed hosting is a luxury service for lazy administrators
  • Managed hosting is only needed when a problem arises

None of this is true. In fact, most of the myths and rumours originate from
companies that sell unmanaged hosting – also known as “cloud” servers…

As one of the oldest managed hosting providers in Europe, we've seen the benefits of managed hosting for startups first hand, time and time again. We enjoy watching hard working entrepreneurs succeed and want to give back. Tell us about your startup and find out how EuroVPS can help!

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