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"If you're a full-scale digital agency, juggle multiple large client accounts, and do not employ a full-time systems administrators, then yes, I would highly recommend EuroVPS. You won't regret it."

Liam Webster, Managing Director

Our team consists of talented designers, front-end coders, and back-end coders. While our developers are familiar with system administration, this is not their speciality. So it’s incredibly convenient to be able to summon EuroVPS whenever we need assistance.

Identify Web Design’s Story

Identify started over a decade ago (under the name of “Web Direct”) from just a small black and white text advert in the business section of the Wakefield Express. As a part-time business, Web Direct as it was known picked up a few small clients and began its long journey into the worldwide web.

Back then, the internet was still advancing, designs were nothing like they are now and they had nowhere near the technical resources available that they have today.

We’re used to working with clients at every end of the scale whether that’s a small one-page online presence that they need, or a large online e-commerce store with thousands of products, stock control, multiple payment systems and a complex back office system. We’ve pretty much-got experience in anything web design.

The team use industry-leading platforms such as WordPress, Magento and others to provide powerful creative solutions for their customers.


Their past experience with hosts

At our previous hosting provider we frequently had to stop our work to put out fires…Thankfully we don’t have to deal with that any longer!

Typically Liam and his team would experience slow page rendering and frequent server time-out errors. Dealing with these issues meant that the team’s efforts wouldn’t be working to help their clients but rather, working to try and keep things running smoothly.

A resource hungry and needlessly stressful pitfall.


How things have changed since coming to EuroVPS

LIam commented that his teams talents have since been put to their best use. Building amazing experiences for their customers’ page visitors.

The support of an experienced team of system administrators has completely freed up their time to focus on their core business and also gives them confidence that anything they need when it comes to their server can be handled quickly and to the industry’s best practices.

In the last year, our digital agency has grown substantially. New accounts, new hires – sounds good – but it’s a lot of work. So I guess how EuroVPS helps us move forward is by giving us the ability to focus on building our business without having to worry about servers.

When asked how he would describe our services Liam responded:

“Literally always there.”

Would you recommend EuroVPS?

If you’re a full scale digital agency, juggle multiple large client accounts, and do not employ a full-time systems administrators, then yes, I would highly recommend EuroVPS. You wont regret it.

Liam's Favorite Benefits

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