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"I don't want to spend my days digging around documentation and raising support tickets, and so I wanted things to be very simple to manage."

Sven Noben
  • Monthly Traffic 15,000
  • Product VPS
  • Industry Web Development
  • URL www.signfuse.com
  • Company Signfuse
  • Country Belgium

In this customer story, we had the pleasure of interviewing Sven from Finland, who runs a very special digital agency that focuses in a web development niche' focused on creating amazing digital experiences for deaf audiences.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what you do?

I'm Sven, deaf, and started studying for an MA in Finland, but didn't have any financial means to support my studies. So I started my company Signfuse in 2005. Signfuse focuses on creating media technologies for deaf people and for sign language productions. in 2010 the company moved to Antwerp, Belgium.

Signfuse currently works around the world, mostly in Europe and Asia. The technologies we build for our clients include custom websites and apps, and are usually build upon Drupal, Wordpress, iOS and Java.

Concerning servers, we prefer LAMP environments because they're open source and transparent. I wish the app technologies would also be more open source and transparent.

Why did you switch to EuroVPS?

Our previous hosting; we were very happy, small and personal, and experienced kids working on servers, but they were bought by a big company. And then things went downhill from there, because they were focused on turnover and we got slower all the time.

We wanted to focus on development as much as possible, and preferred a network admin taking care of all the hosting work and software updates/upgrades. But a network admin would cost a lot, so we thought a managed solution such as what you offer would be better.

Things progressively began to become rattly, we had to pay to get newer hardware etc. It wasn't very bearable.

So i challenged myself to find a hosting that would be better, half the price and managed.

And then i found you.

I have to mention, a big reason for your lower price was that you served me in english, while the older host served me in dutch (local language).


What were your primary criteria when shopping for your new host?

  1. Performance
  2. Euro-based
  3. Manged
  4. Price

That is what I was looking for and eurovps was modern and you still are modern. DigitalOcean was a good contender too, but not managed and a bit too much work for me.

So I challenged myself to find a hosting that would be better, half the price and managed.

Would support in your native language (Dutch) be helpful for you?

No, i'm perfectly fine with english.

We are an international business, so english is our usual means of communication, besides sign language ;-)

Going back to your question. If i'd have to pay extra to be served in my local language, i'd not want it.

What are your impressions so far?

The experience has changed from rather neutral to very positive, because you are now taking initiative to get in touch with your customers, and improving things, which are so much appreciated. eg. the security check a month ago, activating autossl in plesk, etc.

How did your costs change after switching to us?

It saved us about 50%. Half the price.

How did you find us?

I was working in India at the time, and was looking for a host based in europe. I can remember checking your credits on webhostingtalk. I wanted the datacenter to be in Amsterdam. Besides that i think it was google who helped me most.

How you usually do your research?

  1. Google
  2. Forums
  3. Traceroute
  4. Ping

I made sure to ping your servers and also some sites you host, because sometimes hosting companies core sites get on a better server and network than their customers ;-)

What convinced you to buy?

The forums and the chat on your frontpage. The person was giving the right answers, and took a long time to respond everything, a couple of hours. He was available for me for a couple of hours. Replies were prompt. But before the chat it was the forums like webhostingtalk and the pings/traceroutes (see question above).

In three words how you will describe us?

Modern. European. Value.

Would you recommend us to a friend and why?

Recommending to friends, would depend on their needs. if they have some skills in server and want managed, i would certainly recommend them. More skilled people who like to do their server management themselves i would send them to linode or digital ocean.

I think i wouldn't want you to open up wider because then you lose touch. I mean, it's great you are specialized in something that i need :-)

And that's managed hosting.

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