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Dedicated Servers

Exclusively HP Proliant BL460c Blade Servers

Intel E5520
Month-to-Month Term
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • Intel E5520 Quadcore
  • 2 x 100GB Enterprise SSD
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • Configure
Intel X5650
Month-to-Month Term
  • 24GB DDR3 RAM
  • Intel X5650 Hexacore
  • 2 x 400GB Enterprise SSD
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • Configure

HP Proliant BladeSystem

No Single Point of Failure
Every component of your server, is fully redundant within the HP c7000 BladeSystem. Where other inferior blade chassis would falter and result in an offline condition, our HP c7000’s keeps on running.
Hardware RAID Standard
All of our servers come standard with HP Smart Array P410/420 Hardware Raid Controllers. We can consult with you on what RAID level to set your server to based on your requirements.
Private Networking Standard
Our Dedicated network zone is isolated and completely separated from our other product series, and therefore allows us to fine tune individual customers’ network segments per their requests
HP c7000 Enclosure

Questions & Answers

  • How long does provisioning take?
  • How do HP Blades match against Dell, IBM, Supermicro?
  • Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?
  • Do you offer custom configurations?

    If you require a specific configuration not listed on this page, feel free to contact our sales team for a custom quote. Just note that custom server configurations may take slightly longer to provision.

  • Where are your servers located?

    All our servers are located exclusively in the EasyNet Datacenter in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam is a key location for peering, and is the best location for your hosting if you want to improve latency to your European visitors.

  • Are there any limits to what I can do?

    With full root access at your disposal, you can customise your Dedicated Server just the way you want. Control all aspects and possibilities of the software & web server stack. Run any custom PHP, custom MySQL, or high security configurations your heart desires.


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HP Proliant BL460c G7


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