Proactive Monitoring

Never be caught off guard by downtime again

Proactive Domain and Server Monitoring

Proactive domain monitoring is available for free with all managed servers

If your website is unavailable, we receive an alarm and open a ticket on your behalf. What happens next depends upon your security policy. We can start investigating the issue immediately and, if the root cause is something that we can fix, we can resolve it on the spot. Otherwise, we can inform you first and then proceed to assist upon receiving confirmation from your end.

Limitations of Responsibility: If your website or application has stability issues due to coding or programming errors, your website will be removed from monitoring. Customers who have been removed from monitoring may ask to be added back after showing that the underlying issues have been addressed.

PRTG Monitoring Sensors

We use Paessler PRTG for proactive monitoring and we’re alerted immediately in the event of any network disruption or hardware failure. PRTG will track all aspects of your infrastructure from CPU usage, drive capacity, RAM usage, ports and more.
* PRTG is available in the Windows Store, App Store and on Google Play.
SNMP Sensors Monitored

We use SNMP to capture real-time data on your server’s most critical health metrics as outlined in the table below. Custom sensors are available upon request

  • RAM Usage: Sends alarm if memory usage is above threshold
  • CPU Usage: Sends alarm if CPU usage is above threshold
  • Load Usage: Sends alarm if server load is above threshold
  • Disk Usage: Sends alarm if free disk space is too low
  • Network Usage: Sends alarm if transfer rate is above threshold
  • Custom We offer a variety of custom sensors upon request

Available on managed servers

Proactive domain monitoring is not included with shared and reseller hosting