Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Last updated March 3rd, 2017.

EuroVPS guarantees that its network will be available equal to 100% in any calendar month, subject to the exclusions outlined below. The EuroVPS network is defined as the conglomeration of our network infrastructure including, but not limited too, routers, switching, firewalls, and cabling, servers, storage servers, and backup servers. If EuroVPS fails to meet this guarantee, a credit shall be available to The Client as outlined on the following table.

Downtime (minutes) Credit
60 10%
120 20%
180 30%
240 40%
300 50%
360 60%
420 70%
480 80%
540 90%
600 100%

How to claim SLA credit

Claiming compensation for network downtime at EuroVPS requires that the client must open a ticket requesting SLA compensation within five days of the purported outage. The ticket will be investigated by administration and the outage will be cross checked against our corporate monitoring system. SLA payments are issued as credit notes to be used against future invoices with a maximum processing time of thirty (30) days. Please include a full description of the purported outage including the following client details, hosting plan, IP address, logs if applicable.

Exclusions to Uptime Guarantee:

EuroVPS is not responsible for outages that are beyond the control of EuroVPS. SLA accountability shall exclude periods when network outages originates from, or is indirectly caused/affected by:

  • Negligence of the Client including, but not limited to, inaccurate installations, configurations of software, abuse of the network, abuse of hardware, or over utilization of resources.
  • Factors outside of EuroVPS direct control such as routing or other faults caused by intermediary or external networks.
  • Client is abusing his/her service or is in the unfortunate position to be causing alterations to the overall quality of service of the EuroVPS network, EuroVPS reserves the right to suspend services of aforementioned client. Network outages of this type shall not be allowed compensation under this SLA. Client will be re-connected to EuroVPS network upon our acknowledgement that reconnection will not detriment the QoS of EuroVPS network.
  • Network Outage caused by Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks and/or other unlawful activity. We do not provide DDoS friendly hosting and do not provide haven to sites which are considered 'DDoS magnets.'
  • Scheduled Network/Hardware Maintenance represents a necessary downtime in order to upgrade, update, and improve our network infrastructure. Downtimes during scheduled maintenances are not allowed compensation under this SLA.