Website Speed Optimization

We fix bottlenecks at the application and webserver layer

Every millisecond can make the difference, optimizing your server for class leading performance is now more important than ever before.

First website’s optimization is on us

* Only available on Fully Managed Support Plan

How we make sites fast
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"My main page load time dropped from 6 seconds to 1.5"
Patric Salo
"It's awesome to know my business lies in the hands of super knowledgeable, quick-to-act folks."
Katie Leary Klitzke

We follow a through process to make your website load faster

Nobody likes slow websites. Especially Google! Making your website faster is the highest impact move you can make for your rankings in 2020.

We audit your website’s performance

We'll audit your server and your website for performance and find out exactly what the performance bottlenecks are.

You tell us what you want us to fix it for you

The small fixes are on the house, but if your website needs optimization on a code level we'll send you an offer.

We get to work

Once you give us the OK, we'll get started optimizing your website. Once done, we'll send you a before and after report showing the performance improvements.

We make everything fast, no matter what CMS it’s on

No matter what CMS you're using, we can help you make it faster.

"My main page load time dropped from 6 seconds to 1.5"
Patric Salo
Freelance Photographer
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Transparent pricing

Fixed pricing website speed optimization. The first one is free for customers on the fully managed plan.

Consultative approach

We take the time to really understand your business objectives, and budget.

Hand-Crafted Webstacks

No cookie-cutter plugins here. Our solutions are all hand-crafted to suit your website's load patterns.
Common Benefits

Fast websites make users happier

Let us help you decrease your server load and increase performance.
Page Load Time
over 75%

decrease in page load time

Database Load Time
over 90%

decrease in MySQL queries

Page Load Time
over 70%

decrease in CPU usage

Requests per Second
over 70%

decrease in CPU usage

What customers are saying about their performance gains

"My main page load time dropped from 6 seconds to 1.5"
Patric Salo
Freelance photographer
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"Before I moved to EuroVPS by website loaded in just under 19 seconds and I was pulling my hair out trying to find the reason"
Anne Scott
Founder at GGI
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"I love the real time replies and that you just “fix things” without too much back and forth."
Simon Kelly
Founder at Digitalhappy
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"Hosting done right. Struggled for nearly 8 years to find a good host. We went through every big name and then some. Roughly 2 years ago we signed on with EuroVPS and have never looked back"
Blaine Smith
"Been using EuroVPS for around 3 years now. Their service is impeccable and super competitive pricing. Whenever I needed support, the team solved my issues in no time and in a very professional manner. Highly recommended!"
Michael Gatt
"Every managed host must keep in mind that their customers are not hosting gurus – if they were, they wouldn’t need managed hosting"
Miodrag Ilic
Founder at Recepti & Kuvar
First website Free
Additional website $179 / one time

*Available only for Fully Managed Support plan subscribers