Perfect if you're comfortable managing your own cloud server

If you are familiar with the command line or have simple workloads that don’t require much maintenance, you can save costs with our affordable self-managed VPS.

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"It's not easy to find a service like EuroVPS. I recommend them to anyone who needs superior service in every sense."
Andrea Porcu
"I've been using EuroVPS for a number of years and the support is fantastic. Even when I mark my support tickets as low priority, I always get an almost immediate reply"

Plans & Pricing

Choose from four different ranges of cloud servers.
Plan VCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
B1 1 vCPU 1.5GB 30GB 1TB €10 Order
B2 2 vCPU 3GB 60GB 2TB €30 Order
B3 3 vCPU 6GB 120GB 4TB €40 Order
B4 4 vCPU 12GB 240GB 8TB €80 Order
Plan VCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
C1 4 vCPU 2GB 30GB 1TB €20 Order
C2 8 vCPU 4GB 30GB 2TB €40 Order
C3 12 vCPU 8GB 30GB 4TB €80 Order
C4 24 vCPU 12GB 30GB 8TB €160 Order
Plan VCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
M1 2 vCPU 8GB 60GB 1TB €40 Order
M2 2 vCPU 16GB 60GB 2TB €80 Order
M3 4 vCPU 32GB 60GB 4TB €160 Order
M4 8 vCPU 64GB 60GB 8TB €320 Order
Plan VCPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price
S1 1 vCPU 1.5GB 120GB 1TB €20 Order
S2 1 vCPU 1.5GB 240GB 2TB €30 Order
S3 3 vCPU 3GB 320GB 4TB €40 Order
S4 4 vCPU 5GB 480GB 8TB €60 Order

All plans include:

100% uptime SLA
Enterprise SSD Storage
10Gbps Network Uplinks
Full Root Access
Free Backup

Features and Benefits

Simple reliable cloud servers that you can set and forget.

Easy to use GUI

Reboot, resize, backup, and clone your VPS to create different pre-built templates. Our portal also allows you to modify your IPtables to block IPs or entire subnets from seeing your public network.

SSD Storage

These VPS products provide ultra-high disk performance, both sequential, and random read/write, as well as mixed load patterns (sequential & random R/W at once).

On-demand managed support packs

Our servers are delivered default as self-managed. If you require a helping hand, we offer three distinct support packs to choose from.

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9.5 out of 10 on Trustpilot
"My main page load time dropped from 6 seconds to 1.5"
Morten Magnusson
Founder of Norways
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"Hosting done right. Struggled for nearly 8 years to find a good host. We went through every big name and then some. Roughly 2 years ago we signed on with EuroVPS and have never looked back"
Blaine Smith
"Been using EuroVPS for around 3 years now. Their service is impeccable and super competitive pricing. Whenever I needed support, the team solved my issues in no time and in a very professional manner. Highly recommended!"
Michael Gatt
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Cloud server provisioning is instant after initial human-powered security verification.
Yes, you'll have root access to your cloud server.
All cloud servers are delivered self-managed. Learn more about our support plans here.

Plans & Pricing

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