Security Services

Vulnerability Scanning

Uncover security holes before the bad guys

At this exact moment in time, there are thousands of hackers actively trying to break into random systems. Vulnerability scanning will proactively uncover your own security vulnerabilities, before hackers do.

Our managed vulnerability services are designed for business who are proactive about security and are not afraid to look under the carpet. We don’t just give you access to scanning software, and then say “bye”. Our services are high-touch. We actually take the time to analyze the results, and prepare a comprehensive report outlining exactly what vulnerabilities you have and suggested fixes.

Business Benefits

  • Uncovers vulnerabilities and prioritize them relative to the risk their risk
  • Discover open ports, services, vulnerabilities from an attackers perspective
  • Find listening hosts and services on an entire netblock
  • Audit network-connected devices and the software running on them
  • Audit external firewall configurations
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal vulnerability scanning of plugins and themes
  • Option for us to carry out recommendations for you


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