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Reduce Migration Stress with Managed Migrations

If you’re unhappy with your current hosting provider, you probably have a lot of “stuff” that you need to move. Files, databases and emails – these are all invaluable to your business. Our engineers realize that and they know to handle your assets with great personal care. They have 12 years of experience doing exactly that.

needs analysis for hosting migration

Needs Analysis

How much, RAM, disk space and CPU power do you really need? We’ll help match you to the right plan for you. We ask you the right questions to be able to guide you towards the hosting product that’s most suited to your needs.

server migration

Migration Begins

Emails, files, websites and databases - we’ll bring it all as-is. We manage the migration fully in-house with personal care so you won’t have to lift a finger.

migration validation session

Validation Session

All migrations go through a validation process, leaving no chance for error. Our migration specialists work with your team to confirm your site works as it should before we switch DNS. Databases, cron jobs, emails, forms, and caching are all cross-checked.

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Final Launch Sequence

After the migration has been validated, all that is left to do is to change your
DNS. With that easy step, the migration process is complete without a second of downtime.

  • Sync last files We'll migrate any files uploaded since the initial migration process.
  • Update DNS DNS propagation can take between 4-24 hours. We do it with no downtime.
  • Deactivate old server Say bye bye to your old server. Welcome to EuroVPS.
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Complex migrations may incur additional support charges.
To find out if your migration qualifies as a complex migration, please contact us.
I’ve shopped online a bit during the last few years, so I have some experience. You usually get good service from most places. But it’s rare for the service to blow the barometer - like the service from EuroVPS Morten Magnusson Founder of Norway's biggest blogforum

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