Why shopping for hosting on price alone can leave a bad taste in your mouth

Price is definitely a top-ranking factor in the decision making process for choosing web hosting. But should it really take the top spot? Find out why that might be a bad idea.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you’ve been shopping for web hosting on price alone, you’ve been doing it wrong. Here’s why.


Everyone likes to find a bargain, right?

In fact, finding deals releases dopamine, which floods your brain and causes that feel-good sensation you get when saving money.

Psychologist Scott Beat, PsyD, says:

“It’s like you’re panning for gold – you have to sift through a lot of stuff to find the gold. Then, when you find the gold, it sets off the reward centers of the brain that makes you more likely to repeat the search.”

The pleasant sensation that we experience when we find a bargain is similar in physiological terms to the feeling we experience when someone likes one of our status updates. For some people, the feeling is even better than sex!

Just don’t try hunting for bargains when you’re shopping for web hosting. Web hosting is not an off-the-shelf product.

Something like breakfast cereal or toilet paper doesn’t differ much from store to store, or even from brand to brand. Yes, some cereal has more or less sugar than others and some paper is softer or rougher, but it’s all basically the same thing. So if you can pick up a bargain on cereal or toilet paper, you should go for it.

But web hosting is a service on top of a product. It’s more like a restaurant.



Why web hosts are like restaurants

At a restaurant, the food is the product, but how well it’s cooked and delivered to your table is the service. The same can be said about a web host. Their servers and their infrastructure are the product, but the way they deliver that infrastructure is the service.

So when you’re shopping for web hosting, you could look around for a bargain – but you’re likely to find yourself with the hosting equivalent of a stale loaf of bread and some microwaved soup. Not to mention an unhelpful waiter who’s rude behind your back and only cares about getting his tips and then knocking off shift.

Certain large and infamous web hosts under-staff their establishment, and (sticking with the food analogy) your meal arrives late, cold, and undercooked.

It’s not even what you ordered – and is that a hair?! Gross.

In both cases, whether we’re talking about a bad dining experience or a bad hosting experience, if you purchase on price alone then you’re likely to end up with buyer’s remorse.

So when shopping for hosting, don’t let price be the main consideration. After all, I doubt your favorite eatery is the cheapest in town.

And, of course, at EuroVPS, we try to make your web hosting experience a pleasant one through good pricing, great products and quality service. So if you’re hungry for better hosting, pull up a chair and tuck in. We’ll take your order whenever you’re ready.