Why Choose EuroVPS?

If you're not an expert system administrator, a real-deal managed hosting provider can instantly make life easier for you.

No more waking up in the middle of the night due to downtime
No more frantic Googling to debug server problems
No more stressing about security, performance, and disaster recovery issues

Not all managed hosting providers are the same

In the same way that not all cloud "hosts" actually have cloud infrastructure, there's plenty of dishonesty in the managed hosting industry.

  • One-to-One Onboarding Session
    Book a session to talk to one of our customer success agents. Tell us what your requirements are and teach us about your project. We’ll use this information to create a personalised hosting solution that's ideal for your needs.
  • Pre-Migration Audits
    All new customers receive a pre-migration security screening from day one where we scan your server to make sure it's not infected with malware and/or hacks. We’ll also benchmark your website’s performance at your old host so we can show you the performance gains after migration.
  • Human Powered Migrations
    Emails, files, websites and databases - we’ll bring it all as-is. We manage the migration fully in-house with personal care so you won’t have to lift a finger. All migrations go through a validation process, leaving no chance for an error.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
    Every online business needs a documented disaster recovery plan. Creating it begins by defining your recovery point and recovery time objectives. Our account managers will guide you through this discovery process and deliver a custom disaster recovery plan.
  • Proactive Website Monitoring
    If you already monitor your own website, that's great, but having an entire team to help ensure you don't miss an alarm is a lifesaver for many busy online businesses. When an "HTTP down" sensor triggers an alarm, we'll look into it immediately.
  • Website Speed Tuning
    All our customers get 24x7x365 access to engineers trained in “slow website” debugging. If your website isn't fast, we want to know about it. Just file a support ticket or contact us on live chat.
  • Webserver Agnostic Support
    Unlike many of our competitors who only offer support for LAMP Stacks (e.g. Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP), we offer full-suite performance optimisation for a wide variety of webstack components. From Apache to NGiNX and from MySQL to Microsoft MSSQL, we can help.
  • Quarterly Security Audits
    At this exact moment in time, there are thousands of hackers actively trying to break into random systems. Quarterly security audits will proactively uncover security vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before hackers do.
  • Hacked Site Cleanup
    If the worst happens, we'll be there for you. If your site is defaced, erased, used for spam or otherwise infected by malware, we'll help you to recover and re-secure your data.
  • Unlimited Support
    Unlike other providers that charge you per hour, we offer unlimited support. So if you need help with system administration, we're there for you 24/7. We invest in our support team so that we can provide a quality service, and we price our services accordingly to cover it.

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There’s a lot of dishonesty in the industry and it’s important to ask the right questions when considering a new hosting provider so that you don’t get stuck with a company that burns you.

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Unlimited support that makes things easy for you

We're the provider people turn to when they're tired of being treated like just another nameless customer. We go out of our way to communicate technical subjects in a clear and concise manner and to add value at every opportunity.
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Infrastructure built the proper way for redundancy

Rest easy knowing that your data is travelling over a completely redundant setup.
High-availability Cisco network
We use Cisco VSS (virtual switching system) technology throughout the core and distribution layers which helps with redundancy and also network throughput by pooling together multiple physical chassis to work as a single virtual domain.
Fault-tolerant storage area network (SAN)
We use dual supervisors (controllers), dual fibre loops, dual SAS loops, dual front end loops...you get the idea. Basically, if it has to do with storage, every component has to be redundant and to be able to operate independently.
High-end enterprise servers from HP
The compute muscle of our cloud is powered by HP BladeSystem c7000’s. Blade enclosures are much more efficient than traditional rack-mount servers in terms of power usage, physical rack space, and cabling.
CloudStack Virtualisation
Our cloud is based on the latest cutting edge technology that you will not find at any other hosting provider in Europe.
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100% uptime from Europe's #1 managed hosting provider

Get Unparalleled Support & Expertise

Unparalleled support and expertise

It really is true: We offer more inclusive support coverage than anyone in the European hosting market. At EuroVPS, you never have to worry about making the wrong choice for your websites. We're here to give you all the support, information and advice you need. Got a question? We're available 24x7.

Get An Expert's Take During Onboarding

Get an expert's take during onboarding

To make extra sure you're happy with your hosting, we'll check that it meets your specific needs before we deploy the plan. If we feel you're not a candidate for a specific product, we'll fill you in on the details and find the best solution for your needs.

Enjoy an Easy, Painless & Free Migration

Free, painless migrations managed completely by us

Not a fan of server migrations? No problem. Once you're ready to join, we'll migrate all of your websites, emails and databases. All of it — for free!

Claims Backed Up By Strong Uptime and Support SLA’s

Claims backed up by strong uptime and support SLAs

Our mission is to be the most reliable and supportive managed hosting provider in Europe. What better way to prove our claims than with some of the strongest support and uptime SLAs you’ll find in the industry? If we’re not living up to our promises, we compensate with credit.

Patric Salo

When I migrated to EuroVPS, all problems just disappeared. My site is now much faster, and rock solid, I know exactly how much compute power is assigned to it. What started as a trial run has now developed into a proper partnership.

Nick Yamolas

Since my company moved the corporate website and mail server to EuroVPS, our presence to the web took new meaning. 99.99% availability, lag free connection, and a team which responds in less than 5 minutes, even for shared hosting!

Miodrag Ilic

After have changed few hosting providers for both shared and VPS hosting, finally we keep our site at EuroVPS - VPS hosting. So far we are satisfied with quality and performance of services and the speed of our website has improved.

Vanya Veras

We host an NGO website that was founded in 2009. The service is excellent and uninterrupted. If ever we have a question or an issue, the help desk technicians are most friendly, helpful and efficient. We recommend EuroVPS highly.

Jessica Volbrecht

can honestly say that I have never experienced a similar service like the one I get from EuroVPS, nor outside the virtual life - hands down. Usually you get good service most places. However it is rare that the service blows the barometer.

Liam Webster
MD of identifywebdesign.co.uk

EuroVPS seem to have "doing things properly" encoded in their DNA. I've been a customer of EuroVPS since 2010 and they set the standard for what every hosting provider should do; quietly and constantly provide hosting. I hope to be with them for at another 5 years.

Roger Shaw

As I've always preferred a "Do It Yourself" methodology, I've never had a need for managed support. At the same time, having that extra lifeline in case a problem overtly technical arises is always appreciated.

Giuseppe Barbiero

My average page load used to be 12 seconds before migrating to EuroVPS. Now it has dropped to 2 seconds without cache. EuroVPS assisted me with everything. From migrating to my new VPS, to optimizing it for high performance.

Not sure what solution you need?

Our seasoned engineers will help guide you to the ideal product based on real data. We’ll help you to assess your current resource usage so that you can select the best product.

Custom setup • Unlimited support • Europe's #1 managed VPS