Managed Hosting vs. Hiring Freelance System Administrators

Unless you’re an experienced SysAdmin, you’re going to need help managing your new server. There are usually two options, either go for managed hosting, or hire someone to help you manage it.

Servers are far more complicated than a desktop computer, and require near-daily attention. At minimum, it needs frequent software package updates, security patches, and firewall tweaking.

And then there are the random issues can and do crop up on a regular basis…

Beyond all of this, it’s a huge time suck – especially if you’re trying to do it by following random guides and blogs online.

Managed Hosting vs. Freelancer

At EuroVPS, we have extensive experience working with freelancers. From design work to development work, we enjoy filling gaps in our competencies with the best of the best from around the world. But sometimes going the freelance or third-party route is the wrong choice. 

When it comes to server management help, there are really only two options:

  1. Use managed hosting, meaning the host handles it
  2. Hire a freelance admin (or third-party management service) to manage a cheap unmanaged server

Why Managed Hosting is Better

1. Less cooks in the kitchen

Businesses usually want to minimize the steps needed to accomplish tasks. Less steps save time, saves funds, and overall adds to the company ledger. You’re already dealing with the host.

So adding a freelancer or management service is adding a layer of complication (and potential aggravation). Simply coordinating the freelancer with the host requires double the time and effort, and lowers your productivity. With managed hosting, you get a single point of contact. 

2. Security

Quality web hosts stay in compliance with industry standards when it comes to data protection. We use private VPNs to access servers, encrypt passwords at all times, and use non-personal computers for work-related tasks. We’re a registered company, with responsibilities outlined in the terms of service. 

But what does the freelancer do?

  • What if his PC is hacked because he was looking at porn on a sketchy site?
  • What if he connects to your server over a free WiFi connection that’s being sniffed?
  • What if he’s just outright stealing your data?

These are all (sadly)  real situations that we’ve observed in years past. Far too often, a freelancer is just some random person that jumped onto Odesk or Upwork, and is looking for extra spending money on the side. Is that really what you want?

3. True 24/7 support

With a managed hosting provider, you get agency-style service. You’re not dealing with just one person. You can leverage the collective intelligence of a cadre of system administrators.  A person sleeps, a staff does not. At EuroVPS, if something bad happens, we’ll attack the issue like a small army, without relent 24/7, until it’s resolved. 

4. It actually costs less!

An unmanaged server is generally half the cost of managed. But when you figure in the costs of a good sysadmin,  it will cost you more. Server admins often charge between $30 and $100 (USD), bringing your total bill to more than the cost of a managed hosting package at a high-end provider. 

5. Accountability

IT industries love to point fingers, shirk blame, and deny service to paying customers. Freelancers and management companies are forever blaming hosts, and hosts inversely blame the third-party system administrators. They win (because they’re both getting paid), and you lose.

Managed hosts can’t and won’t do this.  Your problem is their responsibility. From hardware to databases to webservers — they solve all of it. You won’t get run-arounds.

6. Economies of scale

Managed hosting costs less than a freelancer or server management firm because savings is passed on to the customer.  The more staff a host has, the lower the marginal cost of service. The cost is spread across all customers, and leads to a lower cost per account.

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