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What are your response times?



Really, really, really fast!


The speed and effectiveness of our support is something that we are extremely proud of, and simply crushes our competition. Much of this is due to the quality of our experienced employees.

Our average initial response is only 12 minutes!

When you submit a ticket, it goes into a queue. Within minutes, a support tech will read over your ticket, and respond as needed. Sometimes the response is:

  • a request for more information
  • a response that your issue has already been resolved — and this is very common!
  • a response that gives you an update on the status

Response times are defined by measuring the amount of time it takes from the time a ticket is opened, until a support engineer logs a response.


We have identified several priorities, to gauge how critical your ticket is. Critical priority tickets are all subject to a 15-minute response time guarantee. We rely on this framework to help set your expectations.

Multiple tickets on the same issue are prohibited, and creating a new ticket to elicit a quicker response time will result in tickets being merged, and an instant exclusion from any response time guarantees.

If you are not satisfied with our supports’ response times, you may request an escalation for any issue that you feel we may have misprioritized.

Updated on May 31, 2019

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