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How can you protect my server from cyber security threats?

If cyber security isn’t a major priority in your organisation yet, then you better start paying attention! Every system has weaknesses that must never be exposed to the Internet. New application vulnerabilities are being discovered (and exploited) daily. So it’s no surprise that 30,000 websites are hacked every single day. 

Businesses generally have two routes that they can follow to secure their web infrastructure:

  • They can either study hard to become an expert at cyber security.
  • Or they can hire someone (or a team) to assist instead. And that’s where we come

At EuroVPS, our managed security team is ready to help protect your server from security threats. Instead of hiring an expensive security specialist, or using an overworked freelancer, you can leverage the experience of our whole team. That’s a huge benefit of truly managed security services — you can harness the collective experience of a team, and for a fraction of the cost of hire them yourself.

Cyber Security Services

EuroVPS managed hosting includes security audits and server hardening. We take server security seriously: we cannot stress this enough! Let us handle the safety of your server, and you can focus on other important tasks. To learn more about exactly what is included (and what isn’t), you can read our security scope of support.

Complimentary Security Services:
  • Initial Server Hardening
  • Hacked Site Cleanup
Optional Security Services:
Updated on June 6, 2019

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