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How do you define “out of scope” support

At EuroVPS, we try to help our customers extensively. After all, that’s why we chose to be a fully managed web host

We care about you, your business, and your success. We consider ourselves to be not just “a host” or “computer guys” (the IT geeks that sits in a basement), but instead a business partner that you can rely on. If you do well, we do well!

But we also need to establish some boundaries. You must have realistic expectations. And honestly, most of this is common sense.

What Support Can Be Expected

We’re your managed hosting provider. That means we provide hosting! 

We’ll support your webstack, and anything that is server-related. For example:

  • webservers: Apache, nginx, LiteSpeed, etc
  • OS: CloudLinux, CentOS, Debian, Windows Server, etc
  • caches: Varnish, Memcached, Zend, etc
  • web panels: Plesk, cPanel, ISConfig
  • databases: MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, etc
  • PHP modules
  • load balancers, HAProxy, Galera, etc

Surely you get the idea. 

And we support a lot of hardware and software! Much more than an average host, or even many of our competitors, as we’re truly an enterprise-grade operation!.

What is “Out of Scope”

“Out of Scope” support is almost always an issue with code — usually something custom, unpopular or obscure (even if you think otherwise). We simply cannot and do not know every single application that exists. 

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In those cases, you also need a web developer, not just a web hosting provider. And since EuroVPS has many excellent customers that run digital agencies, or are independent web developers, we’d be glad to give you a reference. We are system administrators and network engineers, not web developers. 

Sometimes we may offer “best effort” support, as some issues can be partially related to your hosting. But that is solely at our discretion. And our efforts can fail, and it then becomes “out of scope”.

We are also not your new “computer guys”, and cannot and will not answer generic questions about your home desktop, ISP, desktop email software, home routers, Windows 10, etc.

Finally, you cannot purchase additional hosting from another company, and expect us to support it. And as silly as this sounds, many have tried in the past.

Updated on May 31, 2019

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