Managed Security Services

30,000 websites are hacked, daily. We wont let you be one of them...

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Our job is to make sure that your server is secure

When it's time to set up your new server, we start on the right foot. Get a comprehensive server hardening, at no extra charge.

What our initial server hardening includes:

  • Baseline Security Setup
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Configuration of mod_security
  • CSF/APF Firewall Management
  • Disable Vulnerable PHP Functions
  • Close unused ports and services
  • Secure /tmp
  • Malware Scanner to scan and periodically send alerts
  • Force SSL for Mail
  • Secure SSH
  • Configure latest security modules for NGiNX/Apache/IIS
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Protection

Hacked Site Cleanup

When the worst happens, we're here for you. If your site is defaced, erased, used for spam, or otherwise infected by malware, we’ll help you to recover and re-secure your data.

We can't do everything for you, as we're a host, not a developer. However, our support engineers will give you guidance and advice on how to protect your site from further breaches.

Optional Security Services

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