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Do you offer LAMP Stack Tuning?


The “LAMP” stack (a Linux distribution running Apache, MySQL and PHP) is the most popular webstack on the planet, and as a managed host, it would be insane to not support it in-depth!

If you are using cPanel or Plesk, you’re probably using the default LAMP stack.

LAMP tuning is included for free with all of our hosting products (excluding shared hosting, of course), and is part of the Standard Support plan. We’ll give you a complete performance overhaul of your LAMP stack, using our “home-brew” custom optimised settings. Just because you’re using Apache doesn’t mean that your web server experience must be slow! Apache gets a bad reputation from bad default settings.

We can drastically improve your server performance and reduce internal server latency. We’ll custom tweak your server based on your specific load patterns.

If you’re starting out with light traffic, even a plain vanilla configuration of Apache and MySQL will work smoothly for you. But as your traffic increases, a default LAMP stack will begin to gradually degrade in performance. It can quickly increase by magnitude. Your site response times will drop, and your visitors will leave. 

LAMP servers are especially vulnerable to traffic spikes. This is why tuning should be preemptive, and not left to wait until your site becomes popular.

A basic LAMP stack may be easy to install, but it’s not really a production-ready tool. Dozens of configuration options for PHP, MySQL, and Apache can make or break your site performance. We’ve dialed them in, so you don’t have to.

Common issues:

  • Excessive Apache Memory Consumption
  • Badly configured MySQL my.cnf configuration
  • Suboptimal use of PHP Caching
  • MySQL Crashing

Learn More: Read more about LAMP support coverage on our scope of support page.

Updated on June 6, 2019

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