Support Overview

Everything you need to know about our support coverage.

We realize that support is what really matters the most in this industry. This is why we want to be transparent about what sort of service you can expect to receive from us.

Support Plans

At a GlanceStandardEnhancedEnterprise
Helpdesk Tickets
Standard Webstack Tuning
Free Backups
Initial Server Hardening
Live Chat Support
Advanced Webstack Tuning
Proactive Monitoring
Dedicated Account Manager
Phone Support
Monthly Support Time2 Hours4 Hours8 Hours
PriceFree€25 per month€125 per month


A standard support plan at EuroVPS is what many other hosts would consider premium - and it's free! It includes 2 hours per month of advanced system administration and trouble support. It also includes premium perks like server hardening, webstack optimization, and proactive monitoring.

Ideal for:
  • Independent Web Developers
  • Professional Bloggers
  • Internet Entrepreneurs
  • Hosting Beginners

Enhanced Plan

Our enhanced support is for serious sites and serious businesses. Running a successful site isn't easy, and needs constant attention. Enhanced includes everything in Standard, plus advanced tuning and optimization. With panel or without a panel, at this support level you'll get help with tools such as MariaDB, NGiNX, Varnish, MemCached and more.

Ideal for:
  • Digital Agencies
  • High Traffic websites
  • E-Commerce websites, shops and boutiques
  • Designers and marketeers that like to heavily tweak and optimize servers

Enterprise Plan

This is our ultimate support plan, with a high-touch VIP treatment. You get tons of support desk time, with the ability to reach us however you see fit: email, chat, voice - plus the ticket. Our datacenter engineers can create and manage the most complex of hosting setups. This is the perfect alternative to hiring expensive in-house IT staff or unreliable freelancers to manage your hosting.

Ideal for:
  • Mission Critical Sites for Corporations, Large Businesses, Non-Profits, and similar entities
  • Large Digital Publishers
  • Software as a Service Providers
  • Application hosting

How to Contact Support

To help you troubleshoot issues, we need your IP address, root password (including usernames to su to root if root logins are disabled), and a complete description of the issue.

Support Channel Standard Enhanced Enterprise
Helpdesk Tickets
Live Chat Support
Dedicated Account Manager

Helpdesk Tickets

Support tickets are your primary means of communicating with our Support Staff. Raising a support ticket is a requirement in order for our engineers to begin servicing your support requests. It provides documentation, in order to avoid any confusion or mishaps.

Live Chat Support

Enhanced and Enterprise support customers will be able to initiate live chats with our engineers from within the control panel. Support tickets must still be raised before we can start working on an issue. Chat is for live status updates, clarifications, and questions about low-priority issues.

Dedicated Account Manager

Subscribers to the Enterprise Support Plan have access to a dedicated account manager. You can contact your account manager for escalations on support issues, questions about your package, upgrades, and billing issues. Account Managers are available via email, Skype or phone (during business hours).

Customer Success Tip: Describe the problem as detailed as you can. For example, exact time of issue, what steps can we do to recreate the problem, what did you try to do to resolve the issue, and of course, any screenshots or logs that you can find.

Response Priorities

We have identified several priorities, depending on how critical they are to your uptime. We rely on this framework to help set your expectations.

Our support operates like a triage, and the most urgent issues come first. That is how we maintain near-100% uptime! Internally, we have identified numerous issues, based on how critical they are to our customers. We want to be transparent with how we operate, and this is how quickly you can expect for tickets to get a response:

Priority LevelStandardEnhancedEnterprise
Urgent Priority 15 Minutes 15 Minutes 15 Minutes
Medium Priority 2 Hours1 Hour30 Minutes
Low Priority4 Hours2 Hours1 Hour

Customer Success Tip: Do not assign an "Urgent" priority for low priority issues unjustifiably. Misappropriation of priorities will result in ticket being sent to the end of the queue. Learn more about priority definitions.

Support Escalations

Shift Supervisor

Your first point of contact for escalations will be the shift supervisor. Each shift has a supervisor which manages customer expectations, quality assurance, and the overall "happiness" level customers and staff alike. To request a shift supervisor to review your ticket, simply request for him/her in the ticket.

Account Managers

Enterprise support customers have access to a dedicated account manager. You can contact your account manager for escalations on support issues, questions about your package, upgrades, and billing issues. Account Managers are available via email, Skype, or phone.

Support Time Metering

At EuroVPS, we give a generous amount of support time to our customers, using experienced non-outsourced staff. And hiring such qualified individuals doesn't come cheap! Therefore, we cannot give unlimited support.

After the initial back-and-forth conversation in a ticket, when troubleshooting begins, our helpdesk's built-in timer is used to track how long the issue takes. We do not count ticket time, only minutes actively spent working to resolve your problem.

At the end of every support ticket, we will let you know exactly how many minutes we worked on your ticket. All support tickets have a 15 minute minimum.

Support PlanHours per month
Managed Standard2 Hours
Managed Enhanced4 Hours
Managed Enterprise8 Hours

Purchasing Additional Support Time

If you need extra help beyond what your support plan includes you can either upgrade to the next Support Plan, or buy added time for the month. Or if you're already Enterprise, and have exceeded your 8 hours.

Extra TimeRate
2-hour addon€45
4-hour addon€125
5+ hours€75 per hour

Note: We try to be fair. So our 2-hour addon is heavily discounted. And our 4-hour is somewhat discounted. Beyond 4 hours, hourly rates apply. (And no, you cannot buy multiples of any pack. Nice try!)

Out of Scope Support

We're a web host, and support hosting-related issues. We don't support websites. We understand how frustrating it can be when your site does not work, or performs poorly (yet the server is fine), but programming/scripting errors are not covered. You need a web developer. EuroVPS hosts many excellent developers and digital agencies, and we'd be happy to recommend several to you.

Code of Conduct

Troubleshooting hosting related issues can be incredibly frustrating. We get aggravated, too sometimes. But there is a distinction between being frustrated and being abusive. Verbal harassment, yelling (all-caps typing or by voice), threats, or anything that a reasonable person would consider disruptive, is not tolerated.

Note: EuroVPS reserves the right to temporarily deny support (to let customer 'cool down'). Repeatedly abusive customers may be subject to termination.

Migration Assist

Migration Assistance makes switching hosting providers easier and less stressful.

Supported MigrationsStandardEnhancedEnterprise
cPanel to cPanel Migrations
Plesk to Plesk Migrations
Cross Panel Migrations

Examples of Cross Panel migrations are cPanel to Plesk, cPanel to ISPConfig, Plesk to ISPConfig, and vice versa.

Complex Migrations

Complex migrations are defined as migrations that require more than 4 hours of system administration time to complete. Complex migrations may incur additional support charges.

Scheduling a Migration

Scheduling a migration is easy. Simply open a new ticket, and provide us with a few bits of information like your existing servers login credentials. After that, we’ll let you know when we start, or if we need anything else from you. If you want to do it while your website visitors are asleep, schedule it during the early hours of the morning in your specific time zone, we're flexible and available 24/7.

Managed Migration Process

We've successfully migrated over 15,000 servers since 2004, and can understand the ‘hosting world’ from our clients’ point of view. We've fine-tuned our migration process to make things as easy as possible for our customers.

  1. Needs Analysis: We'll help match you to the correct plan based on your needs.
  2. Migration Begins: Emails, websites, databases. We’ll bring it all.
  3. Validation Session: All migrations go through a validation process, leaving no chance for an error.
  4. Launch: For a final synch, we'll migrate any files uploaded since the initial migration process

Learn more about migrations: Take the visual tour of how our managed migration process works

Control Panel Management

We support the most widely used hosting control panels.

What we do for youcPanelPleskISPConfig
Control Panel installation & setup
Installation of security patches and updates
Firewall installation and configuration
Installation of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc
Control Panel Plugin Support

Plugin support is "best effort," meaning install only. Further plugin support is only available from the plugin developers. We can also uninstall if requested.

Spamassasin Support
CloudLinux Installations

We can help you configure CloudLinux to use PHP selector, Optimum Cache (though it's not always helpful), MySQL governor (again, not always helpful).

LiteSpeed Installations
SSL Certificate Installations
Native NGiNX Webserver Support
Control PanelVM PricingBare Metal Pricing
cPanel WHM€14 per month€39 per month
Plesk 30 Domains€5 per month€10/month
Plesk 100 Domains€20 per month€40 per month
Plesk Unlimited Domains€30 per month€60 per month

Not sure which control panel to use? Learn more in our 3 part series on server in our 3 part series on server control panels.

System Administration

You get extensive coverage for common day-to-day needs. We'll ensure the smooth operation of your server or hosting account. This is in addition to security and performance, covered further down this document.

Day to Day Server Management Standard Enhanced Enterprise
Daemon / Service Troubleshooting
PHP Module Installation
Cronjob Support
FTP and SFTP Support
Adding Domains
cPanel and Plesk Support

cPanel & Plesk are both widely used hosting control panels and each has their strengths and weaknesses. EuroVPS Support optimizes each server to match your requirements.

cPanel Plugin Installations
Plesk Plugin Installations
Email Troubleshooting
OS / Server Reinstalls
Custom Software Installation

For custom software without in-depth documentation, we will assist on a best-effort basis.

Managed Hosting vs. Freelancers: Find out why quality managed hosting is better than outsourcing.

Performance Services

You want a fast website or application? We can do fast! All of our managed hosting products include support for performance optimizations. We have you covered, whether it's a basic LAMP stack, or a highly complex high-performance NGiNX+PHP-FPM+Varnish+Memcached setup.

Your support level determines the level of involvement.

Performance Services Standard Enhanced Enterprise
Standard Webstack Tuning
Apache Webserver

We adjust Apache parameters, PHP configurations & versions, as well as compilation of custom Apache/PHP stacks upon request

IIS Webserver
NGiNX Reverse Proxy Support

Adding a powerful caching layer with NGiNX as a reverse caching proxy for static files like CSS, JS, and images. This “micro-cache” can drastically increases the number of concurrent requests you can serve.

Specific cPanel plugin installation

We support stable cPanel plugins that we believe help improve performance. Supported plugins include xVarnish, Engintron, and CloudFlare.

CloudLinux enhancements installation

We can help you configure CloudLinux to use PHP selector, Optimum Cache (though it's not always helpful), MySQL governor (again, not always helpful).

LiteSpeed Webserver Support

Support covers the installation, configuration, and maintenance of LiteSpeed Webserver. Licensing is sold separately

MySQL Optimisation Support

Our engineers will ensure that your database configuration files are optimized for your specific usage patters. For complex Remote DBA support, custom pricing may apply.

Advanced Webstack Tuning
NGiNX Webserver

Our team will fully assist you with all the tricky configuration settings, like excluding or adjusting cache times per URL, via method, cookies, or any other server variable. If it has to do with NGiNX, we can support it.

MariaDB and XtraDB Support

Get support for installation, configuration and optimization of MariaDB with XtraDB. XtraDB is a great drop-in replacement for InnoDB and is fully backwards compatible.

Varnish Cache Support

Varnish accelerates your heaviest dynamic PHP websites providing realtime responses and instant page loads for your pages, irrespective of how complex they may be.

MemCached Support

Powerful in-memory caching, used in accelerating dynamic content dependent on high database performance and throughput. Caches database, and API calls, and the result is a realtime response when clicking through even the heaviest database driven dynamic websites.

Discounted Professional Services
Performance Audits

Deep performance audit of your server and application (both front-end and back-end) to help you identify your performance bottlenecks. Delivered in .PDF report format.

Load Testing

Get real-world metrics and see how your website performs under extremely heavy load. This sort of data will help you to make more effective choices about how to improve performance.

Load Balancing

If you need to be able to successfully withstand thousands of concurrent transactions per second, our managed clustering performance services can help you to achieve sub one-second page load times, even during extreme traffic spikes.

Advanced DBA

Do you demand a lot from your databases? We can help! We can help with architecture design, failover management and recovery, and replication. Get hands-on assistance and advice from our expert database consultants.


We design and build your devops system, working with your developers and project staff. Customers who need this are continuous delivery IT shops. They need an automated and repeatable way to build, manage, and configuring environments and deliver and test code.

Standard Webstacks

The LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) is the most popular stack used to host sites today. It's easy to manage, secure, and can scale decently to handle medium-sized traffic spikes (if properly optimized). We can help squeeze the most performance possible out of your LAMP server.

The standard LAMP stack can use NGiNX reverse-proxy, as well as panel-based plugins for performance gains (though still not as efficiently as our Advanced webstack (panel-less servers).

    Benefits of Standard Webstacks

  • You can still use cPanel or Plesk
  • Host many websites on a single server with ease
  • Low learning curve, easy to use .htaccess
  • More affordable managemen and less support overhead

Advanced Webstacks

Serve more traffic, using less resources. Our optimised webstacks feature high-performance tools such as NGiNX, Varnish, and MemCached. If you need a Linux panel, this probably isn't for you.

    Benefits of Advanced Webstacks

  • Much faster than standard LAMP stacks
  • Best-practice server configurations for how high-traffic hosting
  • More efficient usage of server resources with advanced caching
  • Scalable into a multi-server load balanced clusters

Professional Services

Have complex requirements? No problem! Leverage our team's extensive performance optimisation experience and benefit from industry leading professional services. Enterprise Support subscribers receive a 20% discount on professional services.

Limitations of Responsibility: We are not responsible for performance problems due to coding issues on your end.

Security Services

Every system has its own weaknesses that must never be exposed to the Internet. Our veteran security specialists have extensive experience and can help you identify vulnerabilities before they evolve into full blown exploits - drastically reducing your chances of falling victim to attacks by hackers.

Security Services Standard Enhanced Enterprise
Initial Server Hardening 1
Hacked Website Cleanup 2
Discounted Professional Services 3

Initial Server Hardening

As a managed hosting provider, our job is to make sure that our customers are secure. So when it's time to setup that fresh SSD VPS or bare-metal server to host your precious websites and applications, start on the right foot. Get an experienced managed host that knows security.

    Included in Initial Server Hardening

  • Baseline Security Setup
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Configuration of mod_security
  • CSF/APF Firewall Management
  • Disable Vulnerable PHP Functions
  • Close unused ports and services (start with an “all deny” policy)
  • Secure /tmp
  • Malware Scanner to scan and periodically send alerts
  • Force SSL for Mail
  • Secure SSH
  • Install and configure latest security modules for NGiNX/Apache/IIS
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Protection

Hacked Site Cleanup

When the worst happens, we're here for you. If your site is defaced, erased, used for spam, or otherwise infected by malware, we will help you recover and re-secure your data.

Please understand that we don't do everything for you, as we're a host, not a developer. However, our support engineers will give you guidance and advice on how to patch your site from further breaches.

Optional Security Services

Limitations of Responsibility: Security is a mutual responsibility between you and your host. We cannot safely automate all aspects of patch management, this means that it's up to you to ensure that all your applications are up to date.

Proactive Monitoring

Our server monitoring tools track all aspects of our infrastructure - including your bare-metal dedicated servers, cloud hosting VM's, and shared hosting accounts. We'll monitor your CPU usage, drive capacity, RAM usage, ports, and more. You'll get the notifications you need to run your business effectively!

Proactive Monitoring Sensors Standard Enhanced Enterprise
Core Services Monitoring 1
Proactive Domain Monitoring 2
Proactive SNMP Monitoring 3

Core Services Monitoring

All support plans feature free core services monitoring for our hardware and network. This includes monitoring for servers, networking equipment, and traffic patterns. We use enterprise grade platforms including ManageEngine OpManager, and Paessler PRTG and are alerted immediately in the event of any network disruption or hardware failure.

Proactive Domain Monitoring

Proactive Domain Monitoring is a new service addition that is available only on Managed Enhanced and Managed Enterprise. If your website is unavailable, we receive an alarm and open a ticket on your behalf.

Features Standard Enhanced Enterprise
Domains Monitored - 3 Domains 10 Domains
Additional Domains €8 / month €4 / month €2 / month

Proactive SNMP Monitoring

Proactive SNMP Monitoring works the same way as Domain Monitoring, except in addition to just monitoring your website Up/Down, we also monitor key server metrics like load, memory, and disk space. Alert thresholds can be set to any specification within the limits of the monitoring system.

Features Standard Enhanced Enterprise
SNMP Sensors Monitored - - 5 Sensors
Additional Sensors - - €10 / month

Customer Tip: Learn why it's absolutely crucial that you proactively monitor your server.

SNMP Sensors Monitored

We use SNMP to capture realtime data on your servers most critical resource health metrics as outlined in the table below. Custom sensors are available upon request.

Sensors Monitored What does this sensor do?
Memory Usage Sends alarm if your memory usage is higher than set threshold
CPU Usage Sends alarm if your CPU usage is higher than set threshold
Server Load Monitoring Sends alarm if your load average is higher than set threhold
Disk Free Sends alarm if your free disk space is too low
Network Throughput Sends alarm if your transfer rate is higher than set threshold
Custom We offer a variety of custom sensors upon request

Proactive Response Policy

If your website is unavailable, we receive an alarm and open a ticket on your behalf. Depending on your security policy, we can either start investigating the issue immediately, and if the root cause is something that we can fix, we will fix the issue on the spot. Otherwise, we can inform you first, and then proceed to assist upon receiving confirmation from your end.

Limitations of Responsibility: If your website or application has stability issues due to coding or programming issues, your website will be removed from monitoring. Customers who have been removed from monitoring may request to be added back after demonstrating that the underlying issues have been addressed.

Disaster Recovery Services

This section is last on the scope because we hope you never need it. But sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Backups as Standard

Unlike many hosts, EuroVPS backups your data on a daily basis, and retains it for up to 30 days. We understand the importance of backup and never want to watch our customers lose their projects and livelihoods. We bundled this cost into our products, so it comes at no additional charge to you.

Customer Success Tip: Always maintain local backups. Never rely 100% on your hosting providers backups.

Backup Restorations

If you lost a file, accidentally erased something, or experienced catastrophic data loss, you can request that we restore a backup for you. We can restore complete VM's or individual files. We can only restore data that is within the backup retention period envelope that you are subscribed to.

Retention Period Rate
7 Days Free
14 Days €.10 per GB of primary storage
30 Days €.15 per GB of primary storage
Custom Contact Us

Optional Disaster Recovery Services

We offer advanced business continuity solutions for mission-critical data that simply cannot be risked.