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Benefits of Performance Optimisation

At EuroVPS, we don't just tell you to "upgrade" your package. We help you fix performance problems by optimising your complete webstack. All of our Managed Hosting products include support for performance optimisation at varying levels of involvement.

faster page loading time

Faster Page Loads

Our services will help you increase the performance of your websites giving your users a much better user experience.

free performance tuning

It's Free

Performance optimisation services are included free of charge with all of our managed hosting products.

reduce hosting costs

Reduce Hosting Costs

Performance tuning makes your server run more efficiently so you can use less resources to handle the same load.

Who is this for?

Is Web Performance Optimisation For You?

e-commerce performance optimisation

E-Commerce Websites

If you manage an eCommerce website, you'd be glad to know that by improving your website's page loading time, you can drastically increase your conversion rate while decreasing bad KPI's like bounce rate and cart abandonment.

developers and agencies hosting

Developers and Agencies

Developers and Agencies highest revenue producing time is spent designing, programming, and marketing. Performance tuning is important, but it's not your core deliverable to your clients. Save time by outsourcing this to us.

CTOs performance requirements


As the head of your company's IT department you've been tasked with the job of project managing a ton of responsibilities. At EuroVPS, we can help lighten your load by ensuring servers and websites are meeting your corporate performance objectives.

Marketing Teams

Digital Marketing

Web Performance Optimisation should be a core part of digital marketing. A well configured server means you can handle massive traffic spikes from campaigns, without problems. Don't let performance get in the way of your campaign's success.


Performance Services We Offer

You want a fast website or application? We have you covered! Whether it's a basic LAMP stack, or a highly complex high-performance NGiNX+Varnish setup, we can help.

lamp stack tuning
LAMP Stack Performance Tuning

The vanilla LAMP stack may be easy to install, but it’s not really a production-ready tool. We can drastically improve the performance and reduce latency on LAMP Stack based servers by properly tuning your server based on your specific load patterns.

Database Optimisation

Do you demand a lot from your databases? We can help! We offer advanced DBA support for things like architecture design, failover management and recovery, and replication. Get hands-on assistance and advice from our expert database consultants.

nginx optimisation service
Native NGiNX Support

Our engineers are not intimidated to work on NGiNX, unlike many other MINO (managed in name only) hosting providers that support only the Apache Webserver. We can help you migrate into a NGiNX server with FastCGI Caching modules custom tuned for caching dynamic content served from PHP.

Learn more about performance services on our performance scope of support page

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