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How to Schedule Migration


We’re glad to have you as a new customer! Now let’s get you off that old setup, and onto the shiny new servers at EuroVPS!

Starting the migration process is easy:

We’ll need several bits of information:

  1. The old cPanel or Plesk URL. 
  2. The username and password for the panel account.

After that, we’ll let you know when we start, or if we need anything else from you. If it’s taking a long time, we’ll get back to you with updates as needed.


Migrations take time, and are heavily dependent on the speed and crippling of functions at the old host. For example, some EIG-branded hosts like Bluehost try to prevent backup and migration, and we must take extra steps to move sites away from that company.

If using cloud VPS or bare-metal dedicated,  managed migration begins after your server is setup. We manually provision servers, and harden it for optimal security and performance. This is not an instant process, and begins after an order is placed.

We only officially provide support for cPanel-to-cPanel or Plesk-to-Plesk migrations. Other migrations will be done on a best-effort basis. If the best-effort will require tedious interactions, a fee may be required for us to continue.

Updated on May 31, 2019

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