Support Response Priority Definitions

We approach hosting support like a medic triaging on the battlefield. The most urgent issues are handled first, and lower-priority issues must wait in a queue.

When you submit a ticket, you’re able to give us a suggestion on the priority.  

  • We may agree, and handle it immediately.  
  • Or we may disagree, and change it. 

To you, the customer, the support priority is simply a matter of common sense and courtesy. 

For example: 

  • The server being offline is a high priority.  
  • You being firewalled from too many failed login attempts is not a “server down” issue, and is simply a normal/medium priority issue. 
  • Asking for a MySQL performance audit is not high or even normal/medium, but low priority. We schedule those during peak-staff hours.

Most customers think everything is an emergency. And we understand you want quick support. But sometimes you’ll have to wait an extra few minutes. Support is not first-come/first-served. It’s triage.

Other hosts play the first-come/first-served game – and it’s why serious issues go unattended for hours or even days, and why nonsense issues are fixed in minutes. They have their priorities screwed up!

At EuroVPS, you’ll get immediate support for urgent issues, and our standard timely support for other issues.

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