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Do you support native NGiNX?


This service is included with all of our Enhanced and Enterprise Support Plans.

Do you want to use NGiNX, but are worried about the added complexities and implications on your developers workflows? Eliminate the chance of migration bugs by leveraging our extensive experience migrating servers out of Apache into NGiNX web server. 

Our engineers are not intimidated to work on NGiNX, unlike many other MINO (managed in name only) hosting providers that support only the Apache Webserver. On the contrary, we prefer working with it because, quite frankly, it is amazing! NGiNX is the best web-server for high-performance websites to easily glide through heavy loads.  

End-to-end NGiNX Support

We can help you migrate into a NGiNX server with FastCGI Caching modules, and it will be custom-tuned for caching dynamic content served from PHP. And don’t worry, our team will assist you with all the tricky configuration settings. For example, excluding or adjusting cache times per URL, via method, cookies, or any other server variable. If it has to do with NGiNX, we can support it.

Some applications play differently with NGiNX than others and it requires an engineer with application specific experience to be able to deliver a working bug-free configuration. Our engineers have extensive experience using NGiNX webserver with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many more CMS.

Note that cPanel and Plesk are not what we consider “NGiNX support”. Current Plesk (Linux) versions natively support it, and cPanel is forced to use plugins (Engintron is suggested). Our NGiNX optimised servers are panel-less lean web-serving machines, and operate better than Plesk or cPanel setups.

NGiNX Managed Services:

  • Apache to NGiNX migrations
  • Conversion of .htaccess to nginx re-writes
  • Advanced configuration file optimisation
  • Scale support using NGiNX clustering

Learn More: Read more about NGiNX coverage on our scope of support page.

Updated on June 6, 2019

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