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How to Raise a Support Ticket

Support tickets are the most effective and efficient way to solve hosting issues, which is why we don’t offer chat or phone support *

Creating a new ticket is easy!

  1. Login to our support portal  
  2. On the left, select Support, or the (?) icon if collapsed  
  3. Select ‘Open A New Support Ticket’

Then fill out the tickets fields:

  • The ‘Support’ Department is the default choice. 
  • Priorities have been covered in this FAQ. Read that for proper usage. 
  • Enter a clear and concise subject line. Not “Help me!!” but something like “cPanel rejecting my password” 
  • Enter a brief and coherent message, with all pertinent details. Include root passwords; don’t make us ask for it.

Remember: We’re here to help solve problems. You want everything working perfectly, and so do we. 

And we’re people, too! Be courteous, be professional. We always are. Avoid embellishment, exaggerations, accusatory tones, or anything non-essential to the issue. By keeping the conversation focused on the issue, it can be resolved in a timely manner.

Assist us to assist you!

* Excluding enterprise customers.

Updated on June 6, 2019

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