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How to Escalate Issues to a Shift Supervisor

Our techs and engineers are highly trained specialists in the hosting field. We don’t outsource support like other hosts, and we don’t hire just anybody. You’re not being helped by a minimum-wage lackey reading a script.

  • It’s unusual for our tech to not solve an issue. 
  • It’s unheard of for a tech to be rude, condescending, demeaning, etc – as they won’t last very long at this company if the are!

However, our supervisors are more experienced. It’s why they’re supervisors, after all!

When you’ve gone back and forth with a support tech, or even several techs, and feel as if nothing is getting resolved, you can request a supervisor look at it. 

The supervisor may:  

  • Have some input to assist the support tech  
  • Takeover the issue himself/herself

In some parts of the world, people request supervisors to vent at them. Please refrain from this, as it will not do any good. Again, we’re all just people here, and trying to solve an issue. Let us help you do that.

Updated on June 6, 2019

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