What backup retention options are available?

EuroVPS is a " backups as standard" hosting provider. And all of our hosting products include free backups.

But we also give you a choice for the retention period.

What is a retention period?

The backup retention period is the amount of time that a backup is held before being purged. For example, a 7-day retention period means that incremental backups are maintained going back 7 days. In practice, this means that you would be able to restore a file from 7 days prior, but not 8. 

Retention Period Options

Retention Period   Monthly Price per GB
7 Days Free
14 Days €.10
30 Days €.25

How to Request an Increase?

The options for retention period are shown when you sign up for your hosting plan. But you can also open a support ticket in the client portal, and we can adjust your plan accordingly.

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