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What is pricing for additional IPv4 addresses?

Sometimes additional IP addresses are required for the sites and apps used by your business. However, before requesting additional IPs, read this FAQ carefully.


Additional IPv4 addresses are €5 per month. To request a new IPv4 address, open a support ticket in your client portal.


If you require an additional IP address, we’ll have to receive valid justification. We must know the intended purpose and use of the IPv4.

Note that these are NOT valid reasons, and will be immediately denied:

  • SEO — the use of IP for SEO is myth
  • SSL certificates no longer require a dedicated IP; modern “SSL” is known as SNI, and works with all modern web-enabled smart phones, tablets, and web browsers used on desktops and laptops
  • mail server services, on existing server
  • name server services (NS, DNS), on existing server

Most customers will never need more than the single IP address issued for their server.


We are required to control IPv4 assignments with these strict rules:

  • Default of 1 IPv4 address per server 
  • Up to 4 total IPv4 addresses per server 
  • Only possible to assign additional IPv4 addresses for severe application architectural requirements
Updated on June 6, 2019

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