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What Control Panels are available

Supported panels

If you’re like most of our customers, you’ll want a control panel to help make using your hosting life easier. Choosing a control panel is an important part of organising your hosting environment.

Control Panel  Virtual Server
(per month)
Physical Server
(per month)
cPanel WHM (up to 5 Accounts)€19N/A
cPanel WHM (up to 30 Accounts) €24 N/A
cPanel WHM (up to 50 Accounts) €32 N/A
cPanel WHM (up to 100 Accounts) € 40 € 40
cPanel WHM Per account
after 100 accounts
€ 0.15 € 0.15
Plesk (30 domains)€20 €20
Plesk 12 (Unlimited domains)€25 €45
DirectAdmin € 10 € 15
ISPConfig Free Free

If you’re not sure which is best, our sales team can help you decide on the right panel for your needs.

Other panels

The web panel landscape tends to change every 2-3 years, with many open-source and free options available. Unfortunately, most of them suffer from serious security and performances flaws — which is the main reason there’s so much churn. If you choose to have managed service, but also choose to use another panel, understand that we cannot officially support it. We may attempt to offer “best effort” support (at our discretion), but we will only officially manage your server as if it had no panel at all.

EuroVPS constantly re-evaluates panel options. If a new panel meets our criteria, we may add it. Inversely, if a panel falters, and fails to meet out criteria for security and performance, will shall remove it.

We will definitely NOT support several panels known to have critical security vulnerabilities, and strongly suggest our customers avoid these:

  • ZPanel / Sentora
  • Kloxo / Kloxo-MR
Updated on August 31, 2019

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