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How will cPanel pricing changes affect me

1) If I already have an annual subscription for cPanel license, will the price change affect me?

Yes, it would. The license you have purchased from us was a ‘cPanel Unlimited Domain License’ which no longer exists. This is now discontinued by cPanel and they have introduced a set of licenses based on the number of accounts used in the server. In that scenario where your license doesn’t exist anymore, we cannot provide you that service.

2) When were we informed of the price change?

We sent out a mass mail on August 31, 2019

3) How will the license change affect me when I already paid for annual subscription?

The ideal method would be to terminate your cPanel license on 01-09-2019 and credit you remaining amount. At that point we would then issue a new invoice taking into account the change in pricing / licensing, apply the credit and the balance would then be settled.  We understand however this is not the most convenient approach. We have decided to order upgrades of your license based on the plan that matches your requirements, the balance will then be invoiced separately.

4) Can I continue to stay in annual billing period ?

At this time we are only offering a monthly billing cycle. This will help us avoid confusions in the future should cPanel decide to change their pricing again. You can complete this annual billing period. Then we will switch your subscription to monthly billing.

5) How can I see current pricing for various licenses?

You can find all of this information at the following URL:

6) Can I reduce the number of accounts and change license type later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your license. Pricing changes can be applied after the end of the current month as cPanel bills us on a particular day of every month and they do not take these changes into account.

Updated on September 3, 2019

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