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How do I add Managed DNS to my account?

Traditionally, you’ve been required to host DNS on your own server(s). But EuroVPS is not a traditional web host — we’re a cloud host!

There is a better way to manage your DNS.

Just like CloudFlare does, we have the ability to host your DNS on external servers, freeing up your dedicated server or cloud VPS from resources required for the DNS service. Better yet, by using our managed DNS, you’ll get true redundancy, as is the case with everything else we offer. 

With our Managed DNS system, you can manage unlimited DNS zones for unlimited domains — and you can control your domains’ DNS settings directly from your client portal! This is service is provided free to all clients that request it. To request Managed DNS, please submit a support request in the client portal.

Managed DNS Features:

  • Primary and secondary DNS service, with the secondary having automatic updates.
  • Full access to a web-based DNS Control Panel for adding, modifying and managing your DNS.
  • Backup Manager with real-time downloads of zone files.
  • Multiple domains imported from a single text file, making setup easy and quick.
  • A, CNAME, NS, MX, PTR and TXT Records supported.
  • Primary and Secondary DNS servers in two different data centers for redundancy.
Updated on June 6, 2019

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