Do you offer optional block storage for bare metal servers?

Your bare-metal dedicated server doesn't have to use standard single-point-of-fail drives inside the dedicated server chassis. We can "cloud it up" for you!

We can add high-performance replicated SAN storage to any of your physical bare metal servers. It's a completely managed solution that is monitored and maintained by our datacenter engineers. If you have outgrown direct attached storage (DAS), or need SAN storage mounts accessible by multiple physical servers, then our optional fibre channel block storage options might make sense for your server.

Our fibre channel block storage is split into two performance tiers: Standard and Extreme. All block storage includes free real-time active-active replication to a standby production ready SAN. 

Standard Extreme
Hardware HP EVA 8400 HP 3PAR 7400
Disk Type Fibre Channel 15k RPM SLC SSD
RAID Level 1+0 1+0
Sustained IOPS 2,500 25,000
Burstable IOPS 15,000 250,000
Cost €.50 per GB (500GB minimum) €2 per GB (250GB minimum)
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