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When do I have to pay my invoices?

Ideally, you’ll pay your invoice before the due date.

We will email your invoice 14 days prior to the due date. Paypal subscriptions and automatic debit/credit card transactions will occur at that time.

We also send last-minute payment reminders:

  • 3 days before the invoice due date
  • 2 days before the invoice due date
  • 1 day before the invoice due date

If the invoice is still unpaid, you’ll enter a 3-day grace period. And again, we’ll send daily payment reminder emails to the registered billing contact email on the account.

If your invoice is still unpaid after this 3-day grace period, our billing system will automatically suspend your services. Payment of the unpaid invoice will automatically unsuspend services. 

Invoices still unpaid 15 days after the due date will result in service termination.

IMPORTANT: Data is retained for 29 days after the due date, for terminated accounts. However, restoring a cancelled account, due to non-payment, may incur a restoration fee of up to €125. Account recovery can be a manual process, as it’s no longer a simple backup restoration.

Tip: If your credit or debit card information changes, let us know as soon as possible. Same for changes to your Paypal accounts; and Paypal may also be affected by changes to your credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts.

Updated on June 6, 2019

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