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How redundant is your storage?

Our storage is so redundant that the word “redundant” isn’t redundant enough!

The most important component of any computer or computer device — servers, VMs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, whatever — is the storage system. Any inconsistency or error can have an immediate and catastrophic effect on the entire system. 

We currently own and operate several HP StorageWorks and HP 3PAR Fibre Channel Storage systems. To the typical hosting user, this probably means nothing, but an IT hosting geek would drool with envy! 

And our SANs are configured in a 100.00% fully fault tolerant configuration, too! Not 99.99%, but an even 100 percent! We must have dual supervisors (controllers), dual Fibre loops, dual SAS loops, dual front end loops … you get the idea. Basically, if it has to do with storage, every component has to be redundant and be able to operate independently.

We have our own Department of Redundancy department!

Updated on June 6, 2019

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