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How important is using enterprise hardware?

Each and every day, thousands of business owners are faced with the complicated decision of choosing a web host for their web sites, emails, and databases. 

There are multitudes of web hosting companies on the internet that claim to provide reliable and stable hosting, but within a short time, their own sites are down, their rented servers are gone, and their customers are left with nothing more than a memory of their website.

Our dedication and caring for your business begins in the data-centre.

A web host can have the best technicians and the best intentions; however, if their machines are not mission critical servers there isn’t much that can be done when hardware failure time comes around. 

Hardware fails, yes, but if you pay eight times as much to buy high end HP Proliant BL460c Gen9 servers versus a Supermicro with a single PSU and desktop parts, you won’t be down, which means your site won’t be down, which in the end, means that you get what you pay for.

Updated on May 31, 2019

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