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Do you offer free Migrations


Migrating from one hosting provider to another can be very stressful. At EuroVPS, this stress is minimised with our managed migration service. It’s included at no extra cost with all of our managed hosting products.   

Who is eligible for free migration?

All customers that are moving from cPanel or Plesk hosting are eligible. Migrations from servers that do not have a control panel are also supported, but on a best-effort basis due to the added level of complexity. Cross-panel migrations — for example, cPanel to Plesk — are also eligible for free migration under a best-effort basis.

What do you require from me to complete the migration?

You’ll open a ticket to Schedule a Free Server Migration.

We’ll need the login details for your current hosting, and any additional information that may be useful. For example, if you changed the SSH port on the old server, let us know. 

Will free managed migration include mailboxes and contents?


Mail can also be migrated, if you have SSH access to the source servers. With rsync, we can bring the contents of your mailboxes to your new server. You won’t have the inconvenience of manually uploading/downloading mail.

Is there any chance that I will lose my data?


Many people are scared of server migrations because they think they might lose data during the transfer. At EuroVPS, there is no chance of data loss during the migration process. Your old hosting data will always stay intact, and we make sure to sync all final database and file changes before we switch DNS.

All migrations need to pass by our final launch checklist before DNS is switched. We’ll -check your website (with you) using hosts files to make sure that your websites are loading correctly. For example, that you web forms work, that there are no 404’s, and that there are no PHP errors.

How long do migrations take?

This depends on how much data you are migrating over, and if there are any custom configurations we must make. But most of the times migrations are completed within 24 hours.

Updated on June 6, 2019

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