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How do I contact support?

When contacting Technical Support, please include your IP address, root password, and complete description of the issue. If you do not provide your login credentials, and IP address (cloud VPS and dedicated only), our engineers will not be able to assist you.

Helpdesk Support Tickets

Instructions for How to Raise a Support Ticket are found here.

Raising a support ticket is a requirement in order for our engineers to begin servicing your support requests. 

Helpdesk Live Chat:

Within the client area portal, Enhanced and Enterprise support customers will be able to initiate live chats with our engineers. 

IMPORTANT: Support tickets must still be raised before we can start working on an issue! 

But you are free to use Live Chat to:  

  • Ask for status updates
  • Ask questions about low priority issues. 

Live Chat is not a replacement or substitute for raising a support ticket.

Updated on May 31, 2019

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