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Heavy Loads Demand Heavy Lifting

It is crucial that web pages snap to attention for the best user experience. The goal is to drive latency down to only a few milliseconds. Some elements are beyond your control, such as the speed of the user’s computer, mobile device, and internet connection. For controllable elements we provide professional tools and deep experience to tune that.

Business Benefits
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    Leverage our deep experience in web performance

    Archimedes dazzled kings and commoners alike when he showed that one person can drag a heavy ship ashore using a system of pulleys. We take that approach to heavy lifting. Our system of pulleys is our experience with PHP, NGINX, and other component in the stack. We make that heavy lift by tuning settings to drive out latency.

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    Fullstack Web Performance Optimisation (WPO)

    We differentiate ourselves from other hosting companies by engaging with our customers on a code-level basis. Our developers know how each webstack best interfaces with the most popular content management platforms, including Drupal, WordPress, Expression Engine, and Joomla.

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    Surf Tsunami Traffic spikes without Disruption

    To handle a tsunami swell of traffic you need load balancing, horizontal scaling, and a high availability architecture. Horizontal adds web and database servers to meet surging demand. Automated scripts monitor load and spin up VMs. The other key strategy is fault tolerance in the application and hardware layer. For that we use VMWare HA, which is best-in-class.

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    Deep Insights into Application Performance

    We provide NewRelic APM (Application Performance Monitoring) to our customers and use it ourselves too. It is one of the best tools on the market. It flags bottlenecks in the application both at the component layer and from the end-user perspective, broadcasts alerts to dashboards and the client’s smartphone, and lets analysts and programmers drill into the code.

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    Expert NGiNX and Varnish Implementations

    In many cases we suggest to customers that they left us migrate them from Apache to NGINX. It has a better multithreaded model that uses less sockets and memory. We use Varnish web server too, which takes advantage of technology originally built for client-side caching. It executes CGI scripts (e.g., PHP) very fast.

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    Front and Backend Performance Audits

    We conduct performance audits with our customers to recommend best practices and isolate performance issues. Then we suggest alternative approaches in our customer’s code to boost performance. Our clients pick which suggestions to incorporate.

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