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EuroVPS handles the servers, so you can focus on the deadlines, stories and events that matter.

We understand media, and work closely with journalists, videographers, and public relations professionals on a daily basis. And our customers include European versions of CNN, MTV, People, Fortune, Instyle, Men’s Health, and the Huffington Post … to namedrop just a few.

Business Benefits
  • save time with managed services

    Time saving management services

    A lot has changed since The Times starting publishing in 1785. Both you, and your readers/viewers, traded paper and analog media for computer screens and smart phones. But you’re a publisher, not an IT firm. Modern media is 24/7, with deadlines throughout the day, every day. You don’t have time to deal with website problems. Digital publishers have different needs than other types of sites.

  • digital publishing platforms

    Extensive Experience with a variety of Publishing platforms

    Content management systems (CMS) were created with publishers in mind. With a CMS, your staffers and freelancers can submit stories, and your editors can approve/publish. But that system only works if your servers work. Digital publishing is not a typical site, and EuroVPS knows it. And no matter what you’re using, we probably have experience with it – including WordPress, Joomla, Scribe, Escenic, Sitecore, Sitefinity, Kentico and Adobe. A powerful CMS needs a powerful solution.

  • scalable hosting solutions

    Scalability On-Demand

    We work closely with you, making decisions together. You surely want a web server that delivers content quickly and performed well under heavy traffic. So, for example, we may add a Varnish server, an HTTP reverse proxy that sits in front of the CMS server running Apache or NGiNX. You’re special. You need an infrastructure that never fails you, and more importantly, never fails your audience.

  • streaming media icon

    High Performance Video Streaming

    Youtube, Video and DailyMotion are fine for hobbyists and bloggers, but you have to play by their rules. Digital publishers need their own outlet for video, be it live streaming or post-production masterpieces. Modern HD video is not as simple as uploading a photo, and you need a special platform for it. EuroVPS has experience with video publishing, and setup streaming protocols like RTMP, HLS and MPEG-DASH.

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