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Simone Mazzucconi

"My goal is to offer the best service to my customers and I must have a technical partner that can offer me solutions quickly. With EuroVPS, I do not have to worry anymore."

Simone Mazzucconi
  • Product VPS Hosting
  • Industry IT & Web Development
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  • Company Drauth - The Web Made Simple
  • Country Italy

Simone's Story

Simone is a freelance developer with 30 years of experience in the field of computer science.

I started with DOS and I saw the birth of Windows and the web and I've seen things you people wouldn't believe!

As the web took-off Simone understood that it would be his chance to make his dream of working from anywhere come true. He left the software house where he had worked for 10 years and in 1999 he started his own business.

He worked from his house in the Italian countryside, France and from a small island in the Mediterranean. His main focus was the creation of websites and hosting his clients, with his motto being “the web made easy” because in addition to creation of high quality websites he wanted to make sure that his clients never had to worry about the usual concerns that come from being involved in an online business.

We share a similar belief to Simone’s when it comes to this aspect of being an Internet services company.

“I wanted to relieve customers from any concerns regarding their presence on the web, registration and maintenance of domains, privacy and cookie laws, protection from hackers, data backup, problem solving, newsletters management etc.”

Simone's Hosting Experience

Although he has had good experiences with a host in the US, he decided some time ago to move his hosting back to Europe. The experience with another host from Germany then proved to be another story with support being reduced to hasty responses and the minimum possible terms and an overall lack of care from their customer service teams.

Understandably, prior to signing up with us he therefore had voiced several concerns about customer service, technical support and of course migrations.

Yes, I was worried about it, because in my professional life I’ve had to go through several migrations and I know how painful it can be… Not only the files (that's the simplest thing), but databases, accounts, mail etc. I must say that with you, and this is the first time it happens, everything went smoothly and without stress.

On coming to EuroVPS

“...You promised an excellent and continuous support service so that a freelancer free like me can take care of the creative aspect of the business."

I must say that already from the first approaches you’ve kept your promises. You’ve solved technical problems quickly and above all you’ve had a lot of patience with those who, like me, have many knowledge gaps in the administration of a server.

"I had also searched in Italy, but none of the offers seemed to me to be able to compete with what was offered and promised by EuroVPS, in terms of support and, last but not least, prices.”

Simone was also concerned about server performance since 99% of his sites are built on wordpress using various demanding plugins and to date and he was pleased to see that not only were the server resources performing well but the optimization and scalability of the solution in place gives him the confidence to grow his business.

The impact of Managed Hosting

“I would like to feel covered for those technical aspects that go beyond my skills. I do not want to waste time and brain power trying to solve technical problems related to hosting. My goal is to offer the best service to my customers and I must have a technical partner that can offer me solutions quickly. With EuroVPS, I do not have to worry anymore.”

Simone's Favorite Benefits:

Affordable high performance servers.
Full server management with help for migrations.
24 hour support and a highly proficient staff.
Great service from the customer service team.

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