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We are a web development agency located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Can you describe your business and what you do?

raramuridesign is a web development agency located in Cape Town, South Africa. We design great looking websites and are CSS enthusiasts

We have been working with South African and International (mostly European) clients since the company was formed in 1999. Our team is also the main organisor of the Joomla!Day event in South Africa. We have been involved since the start of the event which first took place in 2007.

See more about the event here

What CMS / Application are you hosting?

We work with all types of CMS, ‚Äčspecializing in Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. CScart and more...

What kind of problems did you experience at your previous host?

We wanted a hosting environment where we did not want to worry about hardware. We had very good dedicated server environments in the past, but the pain to manage them became just to much.

Having a managed VPS really helps, as we can fire off support tickets and get these solved really quickly.

Our previous hosting company had a very slow turnaround time on support. Being able to get a quick turn around is the most important aspect.

How do our services assist you in managing your online business?

Support is the most important, then uptime. If we have this combination we can focus on the rest of the business.

How has your performance changed since joining EuroVPS?

Our business is located in Europe and South Africa. Since moving from US based data centre the ping rates improved dramatically. There are reasons for this, but it has helped overall with better response times.

We have also had less downtime. Often the old data centre would go down for up 2-8 hours in the day due to some routing issues. So far we have not had this issue which is a good sign.

How do you feel about our support going onwards?

Managed support is really great. We use it to ask questions if we are unsure and sorting out updates is fantastic. Its another area we do not have to worry about. It's ideal that we understand the limits of the managed support.

How have your costs changed since you joined EuroVPS?

Our monthly costs have been reduced. Using EuroVPS has also given us better uptime and better support. So Win-Win across the board!

Why did you end up choosing us over the competition?

When we made the choice, it was down to the fact that the person on chat was there to answer questions at 21h00 at night!!!

Would you recommend EuroVPS?

Yes, because of the support and the infrastructure.

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