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We needed a host that could combine reasonable pricing with outstanding service and we really did find the best.

Ferenc Hunka, Co-founder
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Hospitality is an extremely competitive industry and in these days businesses need to be smart and efficient in order to stay profitable.

Peaqplus's Story

Ferenc Hunka, the co-founder of Peaqplus, was studying to become a computer programmer, but when the time came to begin his career and choose a profession, he flipped a 10-cent coin and ended up working in tourism and hotels. Ferenc’s experience working in hotels and customer service helped him gain operational insights into the world of hospitality, but he never forgot his love for coding.

Ferenc met his co-founder János Hidvégi, who was a promising talent in software development and they started working together on side projects to their day jobs.

Their vision was and still is to create and provide professional apps for hotels to “help their business grow by focusing on revenue management strategies.”

The first product that the team have launched is called “Peaqplus.” It is the product of two years of design, development and testing and in the first nine months since its launch they have managed to contract over 30 hotels and are highly optimistic for their future growth and eager to overcome the challenges that lay ahead.

The need for performance and reliability

Initially Ferenc and his team were working with shared servers but when they were faced with the prospect of having to grow by over 20 customers, and their app and site performance started to behave unpredictably - they knew that they needed to move to a VPS or a Dedicated Server.

After researching the market for a suitable provider and service, their goal was to find a managed VPS provider in Europe with a solid reputation for fast and reliable support.

On coming to EuroVPS

Support was really important to Ferenc and his team, they were reassured by various reviews & testimonials and upon migrating to EuroVPS they discovered that “ do really take care of your clients.”

It’s a fully managed VPS and you do a regular security audit so we are able to sleep well.

The team also appreciated the flexibility of the VPS when it came to the ease of upgrading and augmenting their resources and as participants of our startup incubator program, the cost of hosting throughout has been made much more affordable.

“Thanks also for the startup discount and the flexibility to have the chance to upgrade our VPS.”

What's next for Ferenc, János and the Peaqplus team?

Currently Peaqplus has partnered mainly with hotels in Hungary, but with the support of a reliable web host, they have their eyes on the international hotel market. They’re also excited about working on and launching other products which will help their clients increase profits and improve their operations.

We’re looking to move from a VPS to Dedicated Server and hopefully someday I [will] need to contact you about upgrading to a load balanced cluster!

Hosting with a provider that understands your business’s needs is crucial for growth, and you should always know what you’re looking for when it comes to support, server performance, cost and reliability. The search can be daunting but, when you find a good host you’re able to rest easy, and in Ferenc’s own words...

...I think we did find the best!

Ferenc's Favorite Benefits:

Support responds quickly, professionally and is always there to help.
Startup Program made the hosting package very affordable
Extremely helpful customer service and sales staff.
VPS offers very high performance and scalability

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